Google Offers Web Servers With Software

Google Offers Web Servers

In the growing IT field, many web administrators wish to deliver the web content in a quick way and to slim bandwidth cost. They should be excited as google now offers a new, free module named “Page speed” to automate this process by compressing web content.

Google’s new module just needs to be installed on the web server (currently only two web servers are supported). Pagespeed is based on Google Chrome and it could potentially cut the bandwidth for any large website by close to 37 percent. Pagespeed module does not require additional effort to run and it just needs to be installed in the web server software. Currently, Pagespeed works well with Apache and Nginx Web server software. This module is aimed to examine and enhance Website performance by automating the analysis and optimization of web content that is being rendered.

Main Features Of The Google’s New Module - Pagespeed

  • Helps in speed delivery of web pages such as java script,
  • Minimizes the number of round trips and number of redirects,
  • Can work with any web browser and works in both HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer), and
  • Faster services on mobile.

Other Web servers, such as Microsoft’s Internet Information Services or the Apache Traffic Server, can also use this new model “Page Speed” by using Apache or Nginx as a proxy server. The development team in google is currently transferring the module to these additional server software packages.

Today’s average mobile page typically takes more than 7 seconds to load, according to Google’s own research data. Pagespeed is focused on creating a faster mobile experience. Google says it is seeing pages rendering up to 3 times faster, particularly on mobile devices.

More users are accessing the web through their handy smartphones, which tend to be limited on bandwidth and often come with cap on how much data they can download. Therefore, Pagespeed could become the next big blessing for webmasters to optimize their mobile pages for best performance.

*Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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