Google Apps Marketplace: A Whole New Enterprise Apps Experience

Google Apps Marketplace

There is a new kid in town; born of the marriage between enterprise and technology - Google Apps Marketplace

Since nobody really understands your business like you do, Google for Work and Google Play has brought you the kind of apps and tools that will make sure that you remain in the driving seat to see to it that technology enables you to drive your business ahead of your competition and even further into the future.

With this framework, you can now maximize your potential, efficiency and ultimately, the profitability of your business.

Welcome to the New Google Apps Marketplace

While the sheer number of apps provided by this framework can make the options overwhelming for you, you do not have to be really distracted from your core business strategies because the Google Apps Marketplace has organized them into thoughtful categories, enabling you to go directly to your target with just the click of your computer mouse. For instance, business tools are further organized according to department, with education, productivity, utilities and communication categories allowing you to easily sort the apps according to your interests.

Get the Quickest Access Installation of Enterprise Apps

Among the key advantages of the Marketplace is that its apps and tools can be easily integrated directly into the Google Apps for Work framework. Those old days when apps had to undergo some level of modification before they could be effectively assimilated into your existing software are long gone. Nowadays, nobody really has to part with large amounts of cash in the name of hiring a computer genius to install pricey programs for them. All your staff need to do is easily click an "install" button and all the tools are at their disposal.

Technology with Most Control in Your Hands

As a company, you obviously would not want to see your employees wasting lots of valuable time browsing, searching and installing cool new apps that do not add value to your business strategies and goals. The Google for Work framework, therefore, allows you to disable your employees’ ability to do this by restricting their access to the Marketplace while at the same time maintaining your own access and control.

You can also limit what your end users can see by using the “Apps Admin Account Sign-in” platform. This also offers you access to apps that are exclusive to admins only. With the Google Apps Marketplace, you will have all the latest technological advancements and conveniences at your disposal without having to sacrifice the business control of your enterprise, all this without being a tech guru.

Check out the Top 5 Music Player Apps for Android - available in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Image Courtesy: Google

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