Four Tips To Save Android Smartphone Experience

Save Your Android Smartphone Experience

Unknown Sources

Always try to install apps from known and trusted sources such as Google Play Store, Amazon App Store etc. that come by default with the smartphone. It doesn’t mean that all third party apps are malicious. It is advised so to many beginning smartphone users because it is difficult to find whether a given third party app is legitimate or not but it is easier to find source of the apps downloaded from the above stores. The other reason is that some of the websites which offer 3rd party apps contain pirate and fake software which are spread which may be used as tools for infecting your device and stealing your personal information.

By default, Android doesn’t allow the installation of apps from 3rd party sources. It encourages app installation through Play Store. You can check whether the option Unknown Sources has been checked or not in the Settings section.

Play Store App Details

When you press the install button on Google Play store, it usually shows the permissions required by the app to function properly. The permissions may include Internet Access, Phone identity, etc. Check whether the app really requires such permissions. For example, a messenger app requires Internet Access but a kids paint app require doesn’t require one.

Monitor Data Usage

Monitoring data usage is to make sure that there is no malicious online activity such as transfer of personal data via Internet without your conscience. You can monitor the data used by each and every application installed in your phone. If you find any application using excess amount of data than required, then it means that it’s time for an inspection.

Battery Killing Games

Be selective in installing apps since certain apps and Games use up lot of resources such as graphics, battery power etc. Using these apps frequently may drain your battery quickly and you may end up attaching your phone to the charger rather than relishing your smartphone’s company.

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