Five Essential Steps for Preparing Cloud Migration

Preparing Cloud Migration

Today everyone is trying to implement a cloud strategy for their firm’s solutions. While there is no lack of questions when it comes to cloud computing, one thing is for sure: curiosity about the cloud is high.

Cloud is a method to build IT services and is just not a technology. Cloud is an approach that combines the power of servers and creation of virtual version of resources into larger computing pools and by dividing single servers into various simulated machines. There are different deployment prototypes for executing cloud technology. Application workload is dependent on how you prioritize what goes into the Cloud. Migrating to cloud is easy and hassle free if the organization does it homework.

Important Steps For Evaluating Cloud Of Your Organization

  • Application Evaluation: For application makers, these technologies provide new mechanisms to deliver complex software applications through SaaS. In order to accommodate both present and emerging environments, application makers must continue to support today's structures that customers still need and want, and deliver applications as cloud-based services.
  • Security Evaluation: The core principle that you need to know in cloud computing is security. Cloud providers must give customers transparency into their operations. Organization should assess such a need against the existing security and compliance policies to determine the level of exposure to its data and systems.
  • Learning the process: Before migrating to cloud, it is of paramount importance that the organization is trained in cloud. Do the technology people have the expertise in cloud computing to make sure that they can collaborate with cloud providers?
  • Virtualization Evaluation: Virtualization and cloud go hand-in-hand. When both of these are combined, they continue to deliver a numerous benefits to the organization. The level of virtualization and the extent to which the organization is willing to move in that direction need to be accessed before cloud migration.
  • Prototyping and Monitoring services: Cloud providers must supply consistent options to monitor cloud applications and service performance and make them friendly with organization’s existing monitoring systems. Organization should be willing to spend to design a prototype cloud atmosphere and to develop a corporate case to create expected costs, SLA’s and performance standards.

Cloud computing is a model for enabling global, on-demand access. The finest way to handle cloud deployment is to organize in advance.

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