Faster WI-Fi Devices are Causing Network Problems

Faster WI-Fi Devices

BYOD wireless devices are putting a strain on enterprises wireless networks. The new iPhone 6 and other newer devices are now enabled with 802.11ac WI-Fi standards. The new wireless mobile devices now have three times faster speeds than their previous generations. However, the new performance and functionality are draining wireless network bandwidth. Therefore, network administrators are faced with maintaining an already congested wireless network and giving their users a good experience.

How Can You Prepare Your Wireless Network For Newer, Faster Devices?

1. The next time you upgrade your network, buy 802.11ac

Upgrading your wireless network to 11ac will depend on your current lifespan of your existing network. If your network was upgraded to 11n in the last two years, your company will want to keep this network for a few more years. However, if your organization is ready for a new upgrade, you should only consider upgrading to 11ac. Today, the market price for 11ac is the same price that 11n was at a year ago. Organizations should expect their wireless networks to support their users for five years. Therefore, when you upgrade, buy the latest technology for your company’s network.

2. Enterprises need to upgrade to 5GHz band wireless

To support today’s wireless devices your company needs a 5GHz WI-Fi band wireless network. The new wireless devices use 802.11ac that operates only on 5GHz. The new 5GHz has less interference than the older 2.4GHz band. Your company needs the 5GHz coverage to support your BYOD user’s wireless devices. Therefore, you may need to augment your existing network with radio capability to operate both 2.4GHz and 5GHz that will give you more flexibility.

3. Your IT administrator needs to take control of the applications running on your network

Many of the BYOD uses valuable wireless network resources that will slow your WI-Fi performance. You IT administrator must control and prioritize business-critical application, by network devices. By setting up the time of day for your organization and work related network connection you can free up your WI-Fi. Also, restrict You Tube, Facebook, and Pandora from accessing your network during business hours. These networks congest your business operations. Therefore, when you optimize your WI-Fi network your network can have the performance needed to deliver your work applications to all wireless users.

4. Optimize your network to save money

Your network access points differ in processor power and range. Therefore, you need a modular platform that gives you increased capacity and density for the same amount of coverage you have now. The platform should grow with your company’s expansion over time. By using multi-radio WI-Fi platforms that have two radios in dense locations you increase your WI-Fi performance. The products you select should be upgradeable and can easily grow with your network to meet your BYOD demands.

5. Use software programmable radios on your Wi-Fi network

Being able to increase the number of 5GHz radios on your network as the number of 802.11ac device increase is important. Many networks only offer 50 percent of the radios, fixed at 5GHz and the rest fixed at 2.4GHz. By using a network that has software programmable radios you have the flexibility to increase the 5GHz radios on your network. This allows your IT administrator to increase your network capabilities by 60 percent without installing more APs on your network.

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