Establishing Online Identity

Establishing Online Identity

The online world consists of communities, cultures and different types of groups and people. While everyone is exposed to diverse characters, they are also posed with the challenge of rethinking who their virtual identity is. Before, the old web used to be a place where identity could remain separate from real life; but now, that idea is rapidly disappearing.

Is your online identity way different from your offline identity? Do you prefer anonymity or authenticity? For most of us, Facebook, Google and the rest of the top social networking sites are the sum total of our web interaction. The value in creating a platform that provides confidence to a person’s authentic identity is critical to a social network's success.

Few Tips On How You Could Establish Your Online Identity

  1. Highlight the important details about you. Remember that showing your true character can make or break people’s impression of you. Always stay positive and show people that you are honest and credible. Do not make up stories just so you will look smart and trustworthy.
  2. Establish a database. Make sure that you are using your social network for serious matters; not all the time for leisure. If you want, you can have a separate account for work and another for your family and friends. It is best to separate publicity and privacy.
  3. Collect and organize all your reviews. Don’t ever let bad comments on your page get the best of you. Always be professional when dealing with different kinds of people, whether they are related to your work or someone you’re acquainted with. Professionalism is always a sign of maturity. Whenever you get negative comments from people, answer in the most professional way possible. Show them that you are an honest and sincere person.
  4. Get verified for expansion of network. You may not be a celebrity, but being able to grab a badge of legitimacy that you are a verified person online can help you get clients, most especially if you have an online business.
  5. Don’t use your social networking accounts to shout out your rants. Always remember that you should never do irresponsible actions whenever you are angry or upset. Fighting with bashers or haters will only affect your identity as a person, so always keep your cool whenever you see something bad on the internet. When you’re totally angry, do not post comments and opinions online. Instead, take time to reflect and show people that you do not depend on social networking sites to get away from your off line identity.
  6. Endorse yourself. You do not have to brag about yourself; what people need to see from you is your honesty and credible. Never ever hide your flaws, instead, use them to improve on certain areas about you. Who you are online must not be different from your offline identity. If your online identity is way different from the offline, you better rethink about your character as early as now.

You are part of the internet society. Always be responsible in showing who you are online and offline.

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