Essential Facebook Functions That Enhance Your Social Networking

Essential Facebook Functions that can Enhance your Social Networking

The number of people using Facebook on the planet is enormous. For many people, Facebook is less of a hobby and more of an essential element in their life, and most of that people will claim to have an intimate understanding of all the nooks and crannies the social media site has to offer.

However, not everyone realizes that there is more to Facebook than the functions that make it possible to upload photo and make changes to one’s status. The social media platform is highly comprehensive, allowing its users access to an even wider variety of tools than many might assume.

Some Functions Which Enhance Social Networking Efforts

Photo quality

Most people presume that they have no control over the quality of their Facebook photos, and can only watch helplessly as the site resizes their uploaded images as it wishes, the results of which are typically far less attractive than one might have hoped. However, there is a tool designed to fix this issue, a ‘High Quality’ option that you can click to ensure that all your uploaded photos are stored in the best resolution possible.

Custom friends lists

For many people, Facebook’s Smart Lists feature doesn’t always deliver the required outcome, which is why the platform makes it possible to more definitely manipulate friends list. By utilizing the options in the friends section of your page, you can go as far as to determine which friends should receive specific updates while hiding your status changes from others.

Selective chat

You do not have to leave yourself open to every individual on Facebook that wishes to talk to you. By changing the settings in the chat bar, you can hide yourself in chat from a selection of individuals while availing yourself to a specific group of friends.

Selective status updates

If you take the time to scrutinize the settings of your status update box, you will find that it is in fact possible to determine which people can view your updates and photos while keeping them hidden from others. As such you need not worry about revealing your personal events on the site in fear of who might be watching.


By placing the ‘@’ sign before typing, Facebook makes it possible to tag selected individuals or pages in your updates.

Messages - forwarding and deleting

With Facebook it is possible to not only forward previous conversations to new individuals (saving you from having to retype a given message) but the option to delete entire chat histories is only a click away.

Profiles and photos

You do not need to wonder any longer what your profile looks like to other individuals. With the ‘View as…’ option, Facebook allows you a quick glance at what everyone else sees. More importantly, by utilizing extensions such as Photo Zoom (For Chrome and Firefox) you can now view larger versions of photos by simply moving your mouse over them (rather than having to click every photo you encounter), simplifying your browsing experience.

Photo and post filtering

You do not need to put up with every unwanted link that is posted on your profile or a photo within which you are tagged. By changing your privacy settings, the ability to review all posts forwarded to your timeline (or photos you are tagged in) is placed within your reach.


Are you curious about how your Facebook timeline has evolved over the years? With Facebook you can now download a copy of your data. You will have every single photo and video you have ever posted on the site made available to you. You only need to scrutinize your account settings for the download option to begin exploring your Facebook history.

Business cards

Yes! It is in fact possible to create business cards to match the theme of that Facebook profile you are so proud of. Just click the ‘About’ button and search for the icon that will lead you to Moo.com, a website through whose resources you can design and order your business cards.


If you thought that the best you could do was deactivate your Facebook account, you are quite wrong. It is in fact possible to eliminate your Facebook presence completely, erasing all the content you have ever updated by permanently deleting your Facebook account.

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