Enterprise Cloud Storage Service Zocalo by Amazon Open to Public

Cloud Storage Service Zocalo by Amazon

Amazon, the giant American international electronic commerce company made it big in the news by announcing its plan to make its cloud service Zocalo generally available. Zocalo, zócalo is Spanish for town square, is a cloud storage service that enables secure storage and sharing of documents designed for enterprise usage.

Zocalo is designed primarily for enterprise users who are still paying for on-premise solutions and legacy issues. Besides providing security features, it also offers admin controls and user feedback functions. With its pricing, it has come up as a strong rival to another cloud storage services like DropBox, Box and Google Drive.

Zocalo was launched last month with a limited preview. According to its scheme, end users receive 200 GB of storage space by paying $5 per month (per user charges). This service allows the users to save different types of files, comment on them and ask others for their feedback by sharing them. Additionally, users can upload new versions without any need to email multiple versions as attachments. All this can be done from any kind of device, be it users’ PCs or Macs or Android devices. Amazon Zocalo gives its users a central location for files to be reviewed by users and for which they are going to ask for feedback.

There is no surprise that the news comes parallel to its competitor Dropbox announcing reduced prices and increased storage for its Pro customers. Having officially made the announcement, their IT honchos are busy integrating Zocalo with already existing corporate directories that also includes Active Directory. It allows users to log in with their existing Active Directory credentials. They may also apply permissions so as to assure that users have access to only those documents that they wish to read.

The Zocalo service that has been made available to all AWS clients comes with 30-day free trial of 200GB of storage per user for up to 50 users. This enterprise service is not the first cloud storage service to be provided by Amazon. It already provides its clients with a consumer-grade service called Amazon Cloud Drive, which was announced in March 2011. This service is well recognized for its integration with the company’s own Fire phone. The users of Fire phone get unlimited storage for their smart phone photos in the Cloud Drive provided by the Amazon.

Along with its public launch, a web service to record AWS API calls and deliver logs files to clients has been successfully integrated with Zocalo. This web service is known as the AWS Cloud Trail. The service that aims at recording call made with Zocalo API is presently internal but Amazon has its future plans to make it public. It was said by AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr in a Blog post.

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