Electric Cloud Helps Speed Our Mobile App Deployments

Cloud Helps Speed Mobile App Deployments

Today, enterprise IT organizations face many challenges for deploying applications for their BYOD mobile users. Enterprise, has more applications they deploy across a large range of mobile devices. Therefore, IT organizations are faced with mobile application updates that are substantially higher than their desktop applications.

Electric Cloud Help Manage Deployment Of Mobile Apps

Electric Cloud announced their new Ship.io SaaS application to help IT organization manage their deployment of mobile applications. Electric Cloud acquired this new technology from CiSimple. The new SaaS application will apply a continuous delivery to the development and deployment of mobile applications. Therefore, organizations can now have a higher and faster quality service to deliver and develop, their iOS and Android apps.

Today, the mobile app development challenges developers because of the wide range of operating systems and devices that each app must support. The new SaaS platform Ship.io now allows app developers to streamline and test their mobile application and quality process. Electric Cloud now offers a solution for software developers that include the different type of development platforms.

With Ship.io application platform app developers can now concentrate and focus on their code and the quality of the apps they deliver. A recent survey of mobile app developers shows that only 30 percent of the software organization tests their mobile applications. The new SaaS platform allows mobile app developers a chance to build their apps and test them within minutes. The new Ship.io have a tight integration to Git repositories, BitBucket, and GitHub. The application automatically configures and detects iOS projects and native Android configurations.

With continuous delivery, IT operations can now automate the testing and development process of their applications and keep pace with developers who use development methodologies. Today, the management of mobile applications had put a major strain on enterprises DevOps. Electric Cloud new SaaS application allows organizations to solve this problem.

Enterprises must consider the degree of mobile computing and how it is being deployed across their enterprise. Also, their IT organization will need to consider how they manage the large number of mobile applications as they continue to grow. Enterprises today have two options to consider for their mobile application deployment. First, will enterprises extend their existing Dev Ops to support their company’s mobile computers or second, will they take advantage of the new continuous integration to deliver their mobile applications to keep pace with the demand.

Electric Cloud is now offering Ship.io free to the public as part of their beta testing services.

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