Easy App Creation for Businesses

Easy App Creation for Businesses

If you are a business and need app creation, you are not alone. The number of users on mobile devices is growing and will only increase over time. It is important that your website is "mobile friendly" and that you make it easy for mobile users to access your site and to shop with minimal hassle. This will keep your customers coming back and will appeal to your mobile audience, as well as the ones who access your site on more traditional platforms and devices. But how do you get an app for your business without spending too much money or having to learn coding yourself?

There Are A Number Of Options

Hire a developer

One thing you can do is to hire a professional developer who knows HTML5 coding and can create an app for you. This may be expensive though if it takes a long time to code your app, so check around for the best rates.

Do it yourself

If you are very tech savvy and have always wanted to learn code, this could be your chance to learn to create an app yourself. There are many sites on the web such as Apps Builder and others which allow you to create your own apps online and even upload them to the major markets. We will share links to other app building sites in future posts.

Decide a marketplace

If you are a business and want to have the greatest reach, it is recommended that you put your business app on the following markets:

  • Apple (iOs)
  • Google Play/Android
  • Amazon

In addition, Microsoft also joined the app market in 2012 and now have an app store called "The Windows Store" which is just getting started and adding more apps all of the time. By being in this market, you may increase your exposure and stand out more, since there are only a few thousand apps currently available on that platform and this will be accessible to Windows 8 users as well.

Deciding what should be in your app

For businesses who are entering the mobile market, the most important thing is that you represent your brand in the best way possible to the mobile market. Include your company logo, important branding graphics and trademarks, and any information that makes your company stand out in the mobile market.

Free or paid?

If your purpose is to create brand presence, it is recommended to make your app free so more people will access it. You CAN, however, create revenue even from free apps by monetizing it with ads through Google Adsense. This is a simple process and we may feature a "HOW TO" article on this topic in a future post.

Have no fear

The best policy is to be bold and just jump in the app market! Look at what your budget allows and either hire it done or learn enough to do it yourself. You don't have to  learn much if you use one of the online DIY app creation tools. Do a search for "Create my own apps" to get started! Best wishes!

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