E-commerce on the Cloud

E-commerce on the Cloud

With internet boosting the marketplace, there has been a transformation in consumer trends. Customers are rarely seen in physical stores and are saving their resources by shopping online. The major role in this has been played by e-commerce. The effectiveness of e-commerce lies in its unique feature of facilitating all the customer touch points. It has successfully replaced point-of-sale systems with palmtops and mobile apps.

The growing competition and developments in technology have exponentially increased the demands and expectations of users. While the online traffic seems to be growing at an unstoppable rate, the e-commerce architecture has not changed ever since its deployment. The instant responses expected by clients, therefore, are not delivered. The traditional approach in which hardware is statically deployed and remains idle most of the time can be replaced with Cloud.

Why Can the Cloud be an Ideal Fit for E-commerce?

The present approach is not scalable and poses serious problems of static environments and under utilization. Such problems can easily be addressed by the deployment of cloud. It has a provision for you to pay for resources when you need them and thus make the system automatic.

The traditional system deployed for e-commerce make extensive use of resources so as to create the desirable environment. Requirements include the following:

  • At least two production environments which are comfortably fitted to handle minimum 500 % of the peak production traffic
  • Minimum three development environments
  • Three QA environments used by a small number of QA testers
  • Three staging environments for automated testing not to be practiced more than one time a week

As seen the significant amount of hardware is applied, whereas the average CPU utilization of such preproduction environments is alarmingly less than 1% for any given week. Building such environments is not only a waste of resources and money but also distracting yourself from the core competencies of your line of work. Cloud vendors can offer you several competitive solutions with huge cuts in investments and the right talent to build the required infrastructure of your organisation.

The e-commerce deployed on Cloud has following features

  • It provides provision for streamlined order management that optimizes inventory and offers flexible alternatives
  • It offers personalized offers and promotions to customers with options for innovative marketing and digital analysis
  • It facilitates faster deployment time
  • It serves business to quickly realize the benefits of setting up and enhancing their online presence in a little span of time

Last word: The Cloud, therefore, successfully delivers an e-commerce platform using which businesses can quickly see their objectives and also assists them to keep their investments when asked in the future.

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