Door Locks are Getting Smarter

Door Locks are Getting Smarter

As home security is becoming more and more important and people are installing security surveillance systems with cameras closely following all activities in and around the house, standard door locks are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Yes, this is not just a thing you see in the movies anymore, the smart locks have become a mechanism that is spreading fast. If nothing else, the technical side of the whole thing is very appealing - there is no need for carrying keys around anymore; all you need is a cell phone, your finger, or a key fob, depending on the lock you decide to get.

Who are These Devices for?

Naturally, this type of security system is not the most adequate for everyone. Tech-savvies are bound to enjoy this more than their 85-year-old grandmothers, who still don’t understand why new cell phones don’t have a keyboard. Frankly speaking, these are a bit more expensive than a regular lock and key set, but they do add to the value of the house later on- when selling your property, an electronic smart lock system will be the first thing your potential buyers will see upon entering the house, and it will immediately grab their attention.

Proximity Locks

Proximity locks are used for most cars nowadays, but they are becoming increasingly popular for homes as well. This is an electronic lock mechanism that controls the access to your home without the use of a traditional key, but rather, the electronic remote control is activated by a hand device, known as a key fob, or automatically by proximity, depending on your preferred settings.

Biometric Locks

Get a biometric lock, and you’re going to feel like the president. These locks will memorize and read fingerprints via and optical or thermal scanner, and based upon the authorized users, grant access to the house.

Bluetooth Locks

These locks are for you phone addicts out there, who can’t imagine being separated from this smart object. In a recent conversation with highly-rated master locksmiths, the phone will sync with the Bluetooth system in your lock via special apps, and you will be able to remotely control the settings from your smartphone. You could even set up the system to text you every time someone unlocks your door. Moreover, the new Bluetooth 4.0 is allowing these devices to operate without constant need for battery charging.


Most skilled locksmiths will have the know-how to install these devices. Additionally, some of these devices can even be positioned overthe existing deadbolts, giving the old lock a brand new functionality.

Security Concerns

What’s important to know is that these systems are not necessarily the safer option than your regular lock and key- after all, most lock pickers are used to picking normal locks, but with wider use of electronic locks, the number of professional electronic lock pickers will rise. Burglars make use of opportunity, and the only thing that will truly set them off is the lack thereof. Installing surveillance systems with cameras will further discourage break-ins. To make sure you have the best possible protection system for your home, make sure to consult with professional locksmiths or even members of your local police department.

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