Do Not Fall Victim to Data Loss

Do Not Fall Victim to Data Loss

Possibly the worst thing imaginable - especially for business, professional, and education - is losing all of your data in one swoop. You could lose financial information, business documents, valuable research, and even papers and presentations with the spill of a coffee cup. Sometimes it is not even anything you did: by design, electronics are going to break. This means you must explore other options for keeping your data backed up and accessible.

I am speaking from an unfortunate experience that had grave consequence. I am a writer by profession, and a few years ago I had one poetry manuscript in pre-production, as well as a novel I was well over a hundred pages into. One day my laptop would not turn on - and it never did again. My entire hard drive was not recoverable.

Do not let this happen to you: while I was able to recover - albeit difficult - if this were to happen now, it would devastate my career. Many businesses are not taking advantage of the tools readily available to them, which is frankly irresponsible. Data backup has never been easier or less expensive.

Tools Should Assist In Securing Your Data From Being Lost Forever

  • Cloud storage: There are many useful tools that are easily available to anyone. With Google Drive you get 15 GB free with a Gmail account, and 100 GB is only $2 per month. Dropbox is a free cloud storage solution offering you 2 GB free, and 100 GB for $100/yr. Apple's iCloud gives you 5 GB free with an account, and makes it easy to upload from different devices.
  • External devices: Flash drives are very cheap and efficient - costing as low as $10 or less. Consider an external hard drive for more hard drive space - offering terabytes worth of space and ideal for long term storage.
  • Computer backup: Every operating system has its own backup or restoration programs. Enable Windows Backup if you are using Windows 7, while in Windows 8 it is called File History, and located in the Control Panel. On Apple's OS, simply enable time machine.
  • Automated back up: Similar to cloud storage, these services automatically back up all files on a scheduled basis. This is very useful in business - websites such as Carbonite and Mozy offer a variety of different packages to cater to your needs.

Data back up can be the most important thing to consider when preserving valuable information. Using different platforms and devices gives you even more security. Mixing and matching online as well as external devices to keep your information safe is sure to keep all important data accessible and available regardless of the situation.

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