Developing an IT News Relevant Domain Name

IT News Relevant Domain Name

I have experience developing domain names for the purposes of resale or (flipping). The process involves purchasing a domain and then building it's presence online and then selling it for a higher profit than the initial purchasing price.

In order to forge a compelling IT News related domain, you'll need to look at the IT News market. Find out what's trending, and which websites are the popular ones that provide this information. Knowing your competition is half the battle. So now you are aware of what it is that is being discussed and you've compiled a list of the top 20-50 websites in demand. You'll have to play an eye spy game of "finding the matching keywords." Meaning, see which keywords commonly appear on all of these sites. Take those keywords and find their page rate value, and file them away - you'll need them later. Keyword value tells you how high these words are on search engine radars. Search engines personally escort traffic to your domains, so you'll want to know a little about them. Now after you find out how, let's say for example, that Google promotes certain websites, you can determine which keywords to use in your domain name.

So you've chosen a domain but you're not getting enough traffic. Maybe it's simple... maybe it's because you do not have the proper products or services to generate all of the traffic you need. Take careful notes and present your notes and data, along with your website, to someone who does have these services or products. You've met your buyer half way, he/she just needs to see the potential for a ROI (Return on Investment), and they will buy your domain because it makes sense to do so.

Here's A Simple Equation On Why It Makes Sense

Website cultivated with top searched keywords + top searched domain name + popular service/product (that is also well-searched ) = traffic (and in turn, sales) - for the buyer.

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