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Data Loss Prevention

When going onto any site you put vital information into, you surely have worried about that information getting out, and into the wrong hands. And why shouldn’t you? With sensitive information being put onto the internet, it’s hard to be sure that your stuff isn’t going to be sold off, or sent away to someone who is going to drain your bank account and steal your identity. Luckily though, all professional business sites have Data Loss Prevention, or DLP. This is a system that ensures that nothing important of yours is ever sold to, or sent away to someone who would misuse it, and it is not as uncommonly found as you would think.

What Exactly Is Data Loss Prevention?

DLP is software or a system that protects your information from being sent out into the world for anyone to have. Some examples of basic DLP measures are things like firewall, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems or IDSs. All of these are basic or standard measures designed to help you. More advanced measures are much more complicated systems and software’s that are designed to read keystrokes and even programs to detect malicious intentions. The basic measures are found on almost every computer nowadays, and as for the more advanced measures, well you’re sure to find them on reputable business sites that take in sensitive information every day. So of course bank sites, Ebay, Amazon, Netflix, and any other “big” site you’ve made a purchase on, are all sure to have the maximum security possible, to keep your information safe.

With DLP you can be assured that your information is safe and sound. This system is designed to safely secure all important information while it is being input into a system. This ensures that your information is kept well protected and well watched so that it does not run the risk of being lost in the site.

When information is lost however, it will have a large chance of being leaked to someone with less than good intentions. And often times when it reaches a person like this, they will do whatever they can to get all the money they can. Whether it be selling off your information, or keeping it for himself to steal your identity, you do not want your information to ever be lost on any site you input it too.

DLP can be found almost everywhere and thank goodness for that! Without it, we would all be in great danger of losing everything we have just because we had to input out credit card information when signing up for Netflix! DLP truly is life savers for everyone who works on computers, and remember, without Data loss prevention, we would have data leaks, and with data leaks comes huge loses for those who were unfortunate enough to have their data lost in the first place. So always make sure that the site you are inputting your information on is as safe and secure as possible. You never know when your information is in jeopardy of being stolen.

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