Data Loss Prevention Has Its Pitfalls

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention or DLP is used to prevent information from leaking out or being lost. This strategy is commonly employed by companies to prevent sensitive data from being shared either by accident or with malicious intent.

DLP is carried out by software that monitors data and blocks certain actions from being performed. For example, if an employee tries to send company information via email or through some other means to an outside network, the DLP software detects and identifies the sensitive information and prevents it from being copied or shared.

This strategy is very useful as it not only prevents data loss, but it also ensures a company's safety. There's lots of information that could be harmful to a company as well as to others if disclosed or shared in the wrong way. If sensitive material like credit card numbers and intellectual property leaks out, a number of violations will be committed and complications will arise in various levels.

What To Watch Out For With Data Loss Prevention

As essential and beneficial Data Loss Prevention is, it does have some pitfalls if certain factors are not taken into consideration.

  • Inadequacy in disseminating information

Like all things new, DLP requires proper introduction and explanation before implementation. Employees should be informed as to what DLP is, why it's being implemented, why it's important, and how to go about incorporating it into the company's processes.

Without the right information and the proper engagement, new protocols are at risk of not meeting the desired outcomes and may end up being highly ineffective and eventually scrubbed altogether.

  • Rollout problems

Whenever a new protocol is introduced, it's important that everything be in place. Hardware and software components need to be able to accommodate DLP seamlessly into the system. Problems arise when things are rushed or if it turns out that there are missing elements that impede configuration.

  • The necessary team or manpower is not set up

There should be a team assembled to oversee and manage DLP protocol for a smooth transition and to ensure sustainability.

  • Inaccuracies with data classification

Data come with varying degrees of complexity, priority and relevance, and should be classified accordingly. Restrictions and access must be filtered properly to prevent any unnecessary inconveniences and stress. Too much complication may severely hamper the use of DLP in the long run.

  • Inadequate follow-up

Once DLP is set up, follow-ups should be done to ensure that there is ongoing improvement and standards are evolving with new practices and new working environments. Without proper follow-up, the whole system will stagnate and DLP's value will diminish over time.

  • Inability to adapt and respond to changes

In order for DLP to be sustainable, systems must be set up in such a way that they are flexible enough to anticipate and meet any changes or curveballs. These changes can occur any time and at all levels and may include a new software, alterations in the company's IT structure, new DLP team members, or new mergers.

Data Loss Prevention is a highly useful strategy particularly in big companies and in the business world, and its pitfalls are small prices to pay in exchange for its benefits. But extra attention to detail is the key to avoiding any harassments in implementing DLP.

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