Coupa Redefines Mobile Expense Management

Coupa Redefines Mobile Expense Management

Coupa Software is a world leader in providing cloud-based management solutions. They have recently launched an advanced technology that is designed to simplify the task of expense reporting on mobile phones.

Introduction Of Something New

This revolutionary technology uses smart voice activation to record an employee’s expenses using natural language. Coupa Software’s patented technology offers users an intuitive experience, thereby enabling organisations to monitor policies and track expenses.

Breaking Boundaries And Records

On an international level, this company is by far the only provider of expense management to use intelligent voice capture of such a high standard to invent and instantly categorise expenses. After downloading Coupa’s application, users are to list down their basic or daily expenses. The application is efficiently designed to then understand and categorise these expenses and automatically update them into various expense reports.

PayStream Advisors’ Lead Analyst, Henry Ijams says that most companies are looking for a simple and effective process for their employees to upload their expenses. Ijams says that Coupa has used key developments like voice control in its application, all the while keeping it simple for mobile use by employees.

Drawing inspiration from methods used in day-to-day life to manage expenses, this application by Coupa frees employees from the tedious task of submitting reports of their expenses.

A few noteworthy features included in this application

  • Smart Voice Capture technology: An effective tool, employees no longer need to type in numbers and details. This technology captures natural language sentences and categorizes each expense item according to the event, date, location and price.
  • Compliance with policies: Further enhancing the functionality of this application is its policy confirmations feature. Confirmation for each policy is automatically updated for every expense item.
  • Automatically Classifies Expense Items: Another convenience users will receive while entering data is that the app automatically recognizes the words and terms most commonly used for expenses. Based on a user’s usage patterns, the Coupa application’s wide customer base auto-categorizes them. With this feature, the company avoids any miscalculation in data.
  • Organised structure and multiple days expenses: Based on the expense categories, users can input sub-details of their expenses like stay, food, travel and others for further efficiency. Additionally, the multiple days expenses feature enables users to include details about expenses incurred over a few days, or by a group, like official dinners, travel and stay in another location and more.

A Note From Coupa’s Senior Leadership

Vice President of Coupa products, Raja Hammoud says that this application is a way to reduce use of paper, minimize administrative effort and simplify the overall process of entering and managing expense data.

Hammoud says that the sole aim of Coupa Software is to offer the best solution for reporting expenses in today’s world. This is achieved by using creative ideas like voice intelligence and automatic categorization, along with various other developments, so that minimal time is required to develop expense-related reports, download and track a receipt, or to square out credit card receipts.

He says that Coupa is excited in their approach to further the expense reporting industry in relation to innovation and satisfying customer needs.

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