Combining Cloud and Mobile Devices

Combining Cloud and Mobile Devices

In this new age of technology how can we define the traditional work environment? Today, companies now support BOYD, flexible work schedules, and work-from-home-programs to keep their employees happy. This in return saves money on overhead costs for the businesses. Other jobs include, techs starting up their business using a church basement, people renting a desk in a shared workspace building, and others working out of their garages. Therefore, we no longer see a typical nine-to-five work day.

Technology has allowed people to work when they want and from where they want. Gone are the days of the hyper-professional, suit-and-tie organizations and today people walk around the workplace wearing jeans and flip flops. Despite all the differences in the way people work today. One thing is clear; technology is continually changing the way people work today. The key driver in our work environment is the cloud. The cloud allows people to contribute and collaborate from anywhere in the world.

How Is The Cloud Transforming The Way We Work Today?

  1. Hardware devices are sleeker and smaller today. Several years back your desk had a large computer screen, tangled cables, and a tower under your desk. This left you no room to work or even a place to put your feet. But today, with cloud technology you can use smaller and more functional devices that include slimmer computers, tablets, and smartphones. This frees your desk space, allows for mobility, and offers larger storage space for your work.
  2. Today, the cloud has changed the way we use software. The past is gone forever and today software lives online. Before your IT department had to install your OS using floppy disk that were damaged and unreliable. The cloud software services are gaining acceptance with businesses and by 2020 more than 25 percent of software will be SaaS.
  3. The green office is right around the corner. The cloud is helping the environment by putting your documents at your fingertips and sharing instantly in real-time. This saves the environment because there is no need for hard copies any longer. Businesses save money on purchasing printer ink and purchasing paper.
  4. Live collaboration facilitates the workflow for team members. Before the cloud, employees worked individually on team projects and met once a week to discuss their progress. With the help of cloud technology team members can now work on projects in real-time. The cloud helps employees collaborate to improve sales and find new clients for businesses.
  5. Employees now work from home or anywhere. Since 2005 telecommuting has increased 80 percent and the price of gas has doubled. With cloud-based software employees can now work from home or any remote location. This luxury has greatly impacted the business and affected organization’s bottom line.
  6. Data storage has moved to the cloud and away from the filing cabinets. Today, office free up their space filled with filing cabinets and move their data to the cloud. The cloud stores one Exabyte of data and it is predicted that much more is coming. But, with all this data is your company taking the right steps to protect it? Most companies IT department use 54 percent of SaaS applications and only 48 percent of these companies are backing up their data stored in the cloud.

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