Colleges Can Protect Their Sensitive Data

EDU Sensitive Data

As technology moves forward, so do the threats to digital data that come with it. While many new ways to curb these online attacks have been developed, there are still many threats that institutions don’t normally think of which put students’ personal data at risk.

The problem is that colleges mostly focus on the management of data risk and not that faced by IT. They can protect their data by going one step further than installing patches and implementing access controls. The reason it is important to change security features is that the attackers now specifically focus on accessing and stealing sensitive data.

Some Methodologies To Evolve One’s Data Risk Management Systems

Identify Sensitive Data Locations

The first thing to do is to know which data is most sensitive and needs most protection. This can be made easy by categorizing the data based on level of sensitivity. If the data is stored on the cloud, one should scan the servers by using data loss prevention technologies which will help in identifying when data is moved to a server of from it.

Update the Information Security Plan with Data Security

The categorization of data according to their sensitivity can also help colleges in protecting their data by developing a scheme to develop policies for each classification. Any rules and regulations that correspond to the data should also be noted into the information security plans.

Design a Plan to Respond to Breaches

Just like any risk response plan, it is important to have one in case of data theft as well. Colleges are prone to data threats that target educational as well as financial and health records and there needs to be a proper response plan that takes care of these things after an attack takes place. Institutes should be quick to let the victims of the attack know about what has happened and provide them with compensation.

Be Clear About Protocols

Most of the times what happens is that one of the employees unintentionally transfers sensitive information to someone who isn’t authorized to see it. Users of all sorts should be made clear of all security protocols so that no such thing happens accidentally. People should be told to carefully confirm all moves they make before they finalize them.

Encrypt All Devices

Storage encryption is one of the basic and yet most important steps that any institution should take in order to protect sensitive data. All devices including laptops and smartphones should have proper encryption so that unauthorized people can’t access the data on them. That also keeps data on stolen devices safer. Data should also be moved to central servers rather than stored locally to make it easier to protect it and keep an eye on it.

Data theft is a real thing and it’s catching on more and more as time passes. Every institution, from businesses to colleges, is susceptible to attacks that focus on stealing personal data and information. The methods mentioned here are some of the basic ways in which colleges and other such institutions can protect their sensitive data and keep the identities of everyone safe.

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