Cloudification - The New Buzzword On The Block

Cloud concept

The Cloud concept is typically depicted in a fairly straightforward manner, at least in terms of its functionality. PC’s, servers, and other devices send information to and from the Cloud and can access applications that are embedded in the Cloud. What is in the Cloud itself is not always easy to depict, which is probably why it is called what it is, and shown as a nice, fluffy cloud instead of as a network.

What Is The Cloudification?

The advent of the Cloud concept has given rise to a new IT buzzword – cloudification. This in turn opens the door to even more potentially useful buzzwords. Some buzzwords add little, while others actually simplify understanding of certain concepts or processes. As an example, data or applications that are presently stored online can be said to have been cloudified. To have been cloudified is the end result of the cloudification process.

As a PC user, you can store information in the cloud with a single click. On the other hand, if you are a software developer and there is a legacy application you would like to able to access from the Cloud, you may have your work cut out for you, since a given application may have to be extensively reworked, or even recreated from scratch. In other words, the application may not be cloudifiable. Certain applications cannot be easily embedded in the cloud since they lack certain cloudability characteristics that would otherwise allow that to happen.

Perhaps we should stop at cloudification before things get out of hand; before terms such as cloudifying, cloudable, and uncloudable are added to the lexicon. It has to be admitted however, that most of these terms actually make a certain amount of sense, and could serve a useful purpose in Cloud 101 tutorials. A single word is better than a sentence anytime.

Written by William S. of www.babblingink.com

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