Can a Bald Head Still Protect Your Data?

Can a Bald Head Still Protect Your Data?

There are tools, software, and applications created to protect data and secure other valuable information. But what if there is a technique that does not protect the data, but hides it instead?

Back in the olden days, a technique was used to deliver a secret message without anyone noticing it. According to history, people of ancient Greece would shave the head of a person and write a message on his smooth, hairless scalp.

When the hair is long and thick enough to cover the writing on the head, they would send the messenger to deliver the message to the intended recipient while the enemies remain clueless about the valuable information exchanged. And, the person would shave his head again to have the message conveyed.

This technique used by the ancient Greeks is now known as steganography. Experts define it as the science of hiding information. Today, the technique is still used, but luckily there is no need for people to shave their heads. Because of technology, there are different steganographic methods available that can easily conceal a message, file or image within another message, file or image.

Some Ways That Can Hide Any Information

  • Hiding texts or messages within web pages or images – There are steganographic tools available that will help hide texts within web pages or images in just a breeze.
  • Using covert channels – A covert channel is a steganographic technique of sending and receiving information between computers or networks without alerting any firewall or intrusion detection system (IDS) on the computer or network. The covert channel uses an illegitimate data transfer mechanism that enables it to remain undetected even by the ultra-high-assurance security operating and control systems of the network or computer.
  • Using null ciphers – A null cipher is an ancient form of processing encoded messages or information wherein the plain text (the information or data a sender wants to send to a particular receiver) is mixed with a huge amount of non-cipher or non-coded material.

However, with the capabilities of steganographic tools and methods, a threat grows for the business industry. The way steganography works, it enables any person or employee to send a secret message to the rival company. He can easily conceal a message within a file and email it to a third party without arousing any suspicion. The email or message can effortlessly slip through any security systems and controls, and then delivered to the competitor.

The potential of losing valuable data and information as well as intellectual property through this method is high, and this can create quite a ruckus in the business world. The technique is easy to use since the tools are all readily available. In addition to that, the modified files and the hidden messages are difficult to detect.

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