Can Cloud-Based Mobile Assistants Help Your Company?

Cloud-Based Mobile Assistants

Mobile devices and now mobile assistants are part of our life. Many people are starting to rely on mobile assistants in their everyday lives. Apple sees the wave of the future and is developing Siri to better anticipate their user needs. Google is not far behind with Google Now and Yahoo wants to enter into the mobile assistant field. Yahoo recently purchased Intelligent Labs to assist them with a cloud-based mobile assistant.

One important point that still hasn’t been discussed in the mobile assistant game is how a mobile assistant can help businesses field service personnel. Many companies overlook the possibility of using a cloud-based mobile personal assistant for their employees in the field.

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit By Using A Cloud-based Personal Assistant For Field Personnel

1. A personal assistant can inform your employee what his work schedule is

Using a personal mobile assistant your employees can be informed what their daily schedule will be. This can better assist your employees in scheduling their appointment in the field. Your employee will better understand his workload and be able to provide a more accurate time to his clients.

2. A cloud-based personal mobile assistant can anticipate your needs

Using a personal assistant can help your field personnel to better understand the clients they are scheduled to visit. For example, the assistant can calculate the time of arrival, map the location, and understand what equipment your employee has with them. He can inform your employee about the needs of the client. He can also tell your employee they will need a certain piece of equipment they don’t have with them. The personal assistant can search the cloud and find another employee of your company that is nearby. Therefore, when your field personnel arrives at your client’s home, he is prepared and has all the necessary parts he needs for the job. This type of service is talked about and reflects on your brand name. Offering your clients the best possible service builds your brand name.

3. Personal cloud-based mobile assistants can help to expedite the work load

A cloud-based mobile employee management part of the personal assistant can improve your dispatching of field employees. The assistant dispatches the jobs based on skills and locations. Therefore your customers have a better understanding of when your service personnel will arrive. Also, your service personnel will have a better understanding of what the job is.

4. Personnel assistants interact and give your customers constant updates

Your customers can schedule their appointment and the personnel assistant will communicate progress and send notifications. Your customers are better informed and can clearly understand when the service rep will be there.

5. Personal assistants help your employees be more accountable for their daily work

Using a cloud-based personal assistant informs your company who is on the job site. Your employee is able to record the exact job location, what products he has delivered, what services he performed, and his exact arrival and departure times. Therefore, your company benefits from the comprehensive records each employee enters into his personal assistant. This increases your customer satisfaction and your brand name.

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