Bolster Safeguards to Your Child’s Online Activities

Bolster Safeguards

Monitoring your child’s online activity should be a necessity instead of an option. You may think that you’re doing your part by handpicking the channels your children can tune to on cable TV, but the Internet is an alternative, open medium, with a wide variety of content that’s helpful, harmful, or benign. The programs you don’t want your kids to watch on TV can easily be downloaded or streamed online, watched in private and at their own pace. Unless you intend to ground your children and go Amish on the Internet, you have to consider control alternatives that wouldn't filter the best the Web has to offer.

Online Security Is Priority

Why is parental control necessary, and why should you maximize its use for your kids? Security is the first concern that comes to mind. Think of the social network sites that give anyone free lease to provide and access information, most of which are personal and very sensitive. The thought of your child exchanging private messages with an unknown user from an unknown location should make you shudder. This is meant to remind you of kidnapping cases gone wrong, those that start with casual online chats, and ending in private, clandestine meetings. You have a responsibility to protect your child from the bully at school and from the predators that lurk online.

Beware Of The Roads Less Traveled

The Internet is like a city with parks, malls, clubhouses, and convenience stores. It also has dark alleys and places you and your children shouldn't venture out to. The Web is a neutral medium, but this means that anyone can post or do anything they like, often with impunity. You don’t want your children interacting with such people. On the flip-side, much of the content available online are considered obscene or offensive, offered with explicit warnings. Pornography and violence corrupt minds, whether real or simulated. Anything new and popular goes viral within days, and it’s easy enough to access content with the right keyword search and by bypassing the first few pages of adult content precautions.

Protection From Binge Spending, Fraud, And Identity Theft

With eBay and Amazon considered. This should be an advantage by default, but it’s a problem when your children have their own bank and credit accounts, or worse, they have easy access to yours. You don’t want your children maxing out your credit card on a life-size, collectible Iron Man replica, much less on imported electronics you have the vaguest idea in purpose and design. Parental controls will restrict your child’s online activity, but it’s for the best. You’ll have fewer worries with services that monitor and limit online activity at home, and hopefully in all the other places your child may go to loosen the choke-hold.

The measure isn't as foolproof as you would expect, but it’s effective. The challenge is in staying vigilant, as there are suspicious sites and entities which manage to squeeze their way and wares through seemingly banal channels. Clicking a single pop-up is all it takes for restricted content to come rushing in, and you shouldn't underestimate your child’s ability to crack the code of your barriers. Sign up for online parental control services or install software for the purpose. Protect your child from the dangers and costs of unscrupulous online activities.

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