BlackBerry Buys Good Technology To Boost Enterprise Mobile Security

BlackBerry Buys Good Technology

BlackBerry made a big surprise today when it announced that it's buying Sunnyvale-based Good Technology, a company that it has long been competition within the enterprise mobile device management market. The deal, which is expected to close in BlackBerry's fiscal third quarter, will cost BlackBerry $425 million in cash.

The deal will bolster BlackBerry's enterprise mobile security capabilities and further grow its enterprise software revenue stream. It also enhances BlackBerry's sales and distribution capabilities. This deal signals that BlackBerry, which has lost most of its worldwide smartphone market share, is shifting its focus by expanding its enterprise mobile security platform.

Founded in 1996, Good Technology is a mobile device management provider. It offers a comprehensive, end-to-end mobile solutions portfolio, consisting of a suite of collaboration applications, a secure mobility platform, mobile device management, management and analytics, and unified monitoring. Like BlackBerry, Good Technology has very strong presence in enterprises and government sectors. It claims more than 6200 clients across financial firms, aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, defense firms, energy and utilities, government and technology.

Christy Wyatt, CEO Good Technology, said in a blog post: “BlackBerry has always had a strong commitment to security that we share. While we have a similar vision, we have invested in different parts of the mobility management stack. Overall, our secure mobility platform and application suite is highly complementary to BlackBerry’s end-to-end solution for mobile device management for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android including both Samsung KNOX - and Android for Work-enabled devices. We’re also excited about the potential for our technology to help BlackBerry as it moves forward with its Internet of Things (IoT) strategy. When you see the potential for the combined roadmap, it is very exciting. CIOs will need the ability to support multiple mobility strategies with a common framework. I do not see any other provider in this space that will be able to offer what BlackBerry and Good will be able to provide."

With Good, BlackBerry can now compete more aggressively and effectively in the market. Good also has a strong ecosystem of more than 2000 independent software vendors and customer-developed applications.

The timing of the deal is great for BlackBerry, Good has an expertise in securing both iOS and Android devices, and with BlackBerry rumored to release an Android phones in the very near future that expertise will be valuable.

BlackBerry, formerly known as Research In Motion, is a Canadian-based telecommunication and wireless equipment company. Best known to the general public as the developer of the iconic BlackBerry smartphones and provider of mobile device management solutions.

Image Credit: Techz

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