Best Applications for iPhone and iPad This Week

Best Applications for iPhone and iPad

Messages and documents in one application - Quip

Smart devices are available for a lot of applications that allows the creation of real-time conversations, such as Lotus August, Viper or other. There is also a lot of applications to create documents and reminders, and notes, but these applications are specialized in this field. But with the use of free Quip application, the user can now create a collection of documents and instant messaging conversations in one place. Where they can through this application to create a document and share it with other users at the same time can debate through a system of conversation.

PDF documents and modify them - PDF Expert 5

System supports IOS documents that come suffix PDF dramatically. Where it can be easily read any document or even stored within the iBooks library to read it later. But the application of PDF Expert 5 offers more of the field, allowing users to modify this kind of documents with ease, as well as the possibility to delete a page, add a paragraph or a picture or other functions as may be required by any user.

Professional photography using SKRWT

The cameras, mobile phones source of most images that are shared across social networks according to the latest studies. But in spite of their high precision, but the professionals know full well that there are some things lacking. The application SKRWT addresses one of the main problems faced by the images of smart phones, a lighting lines in the corners wide longitudinal and lateral.

Fitness and training of the mind

According to the latest statistics, scientifically proven that the use of smartphones will lead to idle in the body and the mind dramatically with age. But these problems can be addressed through a lot of the most important training exercises the mind, but the completion of this process can be used to apply Elevate - Brain Training. Where this application is specially designed to improve the skills of the mind and activate when the user memory.

Finally, the application can be used Breeze FREE and specialist follow-up in activity Almstdm and monitor the level of movement and fitness. Valttbaiq does not need any accessory device and calculates the user's steps and the percentage of his total in the day, as well as offer some tips to improve fitness and increase the rate of the movement to preserve the activity of the body.

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