Benefits Of Handwriting Recognition Technology

Handwriting Recognition Technology

From the beginning of time as we know it, handwriting has been the primary means of organizing information and communicating between businesses and people. As the digital age advanced handwritten documents were replaced with digital and mechanical technology. Everyone can see the benefits of these new technologies, but one important concept we have overlooked is the value of handwritten communication.

Last year two major colleges, Princeton and UCLA conducted a study on the student’s performance in class. The studies showed that students who continue to take handwritten notes in class performed better and retained more of the information than students using their laptops. When a person is required to take notes by hand it forces them to formulate the text into their own words. This activates parts of the brain that is not otherwise activated when typing the text word for word as it is spoken.

Today it is not reasonable for the world to revert back to pen and paper because of the overflow of data and urgency in all major industries. However, it is now possible for everyone to benefit from the handwritten paper and the technology of tablets and other devices. The handwriting recognition (HWR) can integrate with tablets and other devices to give you the benefit of handwritten notes and letters, but not the storage of paper and overflowing file cabinets.

Who Is Benefiting Most From HWR Technology?

1. Health Care

The Doctor’s handwriting and the problems associated with reading their script has been a major problem in the heath care industry. To try to combat these problems, many health care facilities are starting to implement digital data as part of their strategy to save lives. Today it is so important for hospital and other health care facilities to start to digitize their doctor’s data and give their tech-savvy patients what they demand. The health care HWR is an excellent way to provide the health care space that has an accurate data input method that both benefits doctors and patients. This new strategy will help to further drive the adoption of other digital data in hospitals and health care facilities.

2. Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has incorporated HWR in their new cars that have on-board computers. The HWR allows the driver to use their fingertips to enter simple commands on the vehicles’ on-board computer. The helps to decrease the mistakes, enter important tasks, select a destination, make a call, or note down important information. Furthermore, when the car is parked the on-board computer allows the owner to capture notes, search media files, and access the Internet.

3. Businesses Field Service Personnel

The field service industry has seen many changes over the past few years that have included new technological advances. Today field server personnel can ensure they arrive for an appointment on time, use GPS for locating their next stop, use digital inventory for their trucks and quickly order necessary parts. The technology of HWR allows field service personnel to view customer notes, decrease paperwork, use digital data capture, and have customers sign work orders. Because of HWR technology businesses can now ensure their customers receive the best service possible.

4. Education

The education field has started using HWR technology in their classroom. This has helped many students to increase their comprehension with handwritten notes and use the latest technology. The HWR technology isn’t just for handwritten notes. It is also used in music apps and math. The HWR technology can take a sloppy written algebra equation and turn it into digital text. Furthermore, in a matter of seconds it can crunch the numbers. The new technology helps students with adding references to their research papers and gives them search capabilities when writing their papers. The HWR technology can help students of all ages starting with kindergarteners and ending with graduate students.

5. Consumers

HWR has been around for years, but the devices that leverage this technology are starting to reach their tipping point. Over two-thirds of all consumers today owns a table, smart phone or other touch screen devices. Today the market is in need of a new solution to replace the inaccurate digital keyboard. Therefore HWR devices are increasing and HWR technology is starting to gain momentum.

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