Being Safe Is Not So Bad! Save Your Data

Save Your Data

I've decided that this blog is going to be written differently. Nothing too drastic but my goal is to write something that the majority can understand and empathize with.

Let us start with something many of you probably have experienced. A big essay, project, sentimental pictures, messages... Honestly anything involving work and technology. As you all think about that, I want you now to think about the infamous power outtage. That little bit of worry of a potential erasal. Some of you could have even been saving the moment it happens. But lets face it. It happens.

Now since this affected me many times, I had to create a routine of doing things to effectively reinsure my worry some conscience. Here are the things that I have done to create a sense of comfort.

Backing Up Pictures

Pictures I valued such as family photos, scenic pictures, and even awesome selfies of myself. These all became saved to just more than my phone. I started saving these photos to my comouter hard drive. Some pictures that meant a lot, I even began printing them. These are all effective and pretty timeless habits thay are not so bad to start.

Documents and Projects

In all honesty, this is the area that hurt me the most. I can not tell you how many times a multiple page essay has been lost due to me never saving it throughout writing it. Websites nowadays even tell you that saving periodically is a good idea. What i recoommend is not difficult at all. It just may require a purchase of a flash drive if necessary. I began to peridocially save. The moment my brain suggested the idea,i instantly just saved at those moments instead of ignoring it. This actually helps so much. Who would have thought? I know there are many of you out there that do not do this but seriously, try it out and if you don't like it, I apologize. In addition, I began saving imoportant documents and files into fkash drives along with saving it to my desktop. I then would make sure I always knew where these flashdrives would be. A little box hidden in a spot you can't forget is definitely ideal.

Data loss is never a fun experience. Especially in today's society. But what we as humans can do is try our best to prevent in in anyway possible. There are thousands of other methods to help safeguard data as well. I can offer these websites to those who are interested.

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