BYOD Programs are Transforming IT Responsibilities in Enterprises

BYOD Programs are Transforming IT Responsibilities in Enterprises

Already there has been a lot said about BYOD programs and what it takes to build a successful business policy. However, the biggest affect BYOD brings to the workplace is through your IT employees. They are forced to completely change their views and the way they look at workplace technology. BYOD has now altered the way IT professionals interact in the workplace with employees.

Enterprises need to help their IT teams make the transition into BYOD. Therefore, it is important that your IT teams start preparing now for the changes in the way others see them. Your IT department needs to prepare now for the new obstacles and unexpected variables with the company’s BYOD program. Then, your IT department can create an effective BYOD game plan.

How Should Your IT Team Prepare For The New Role They Play In The Workplace?

Create new policies and procedures for steeper security curves

From the beginning BYOD has always been viewed as a security risk by company’s IT departments. With increased device platforms and users to your network. Your IT team needs to stay ahead of the security curve. Therefore, your IT department needs to know where your company’s data is at all times. Your IT personnel now have a new role and responsibility to keep an eye on your data and who has access to this data.

Your IT employees are no longer your gatekeepers

The role of your IT employees has changed from gatekeepers to enablers. Your IT department must now allow your employees to streamline their work by using their own devices. Before your IT department setup employees workstations and held down the network. However, today your IT department must now become a positive interactive force in the workplace technology.

Create stricter usage policies

Allowing your employees to use their own devices, you must maintain a semblance of control over these devices. If an employee looses his device your standard procedure is to wipe this device of sensitive data. Before your IT department implements any MDM software they must be clear about their usage policies. This protects your employees’ from having their privacy invaded.

Create special BYOD management procedures for apps and services

Your IT department is responsible for creating enormous lists of licenses and accounts for all your apps and services on employees’ devices. As your company moves more of your technology to the cloud. Your IT department will need to compile more comprehensive lists of authorized software for BYOD devices.

Your IT department must address ‘What If’ scenarios

Your IT department must prepare ahead for all possible scenarios in the company. Therefore, they need to consider what to do if an employee resigns, in case of layoffs, or is terminated. IT must plan ahead for all possible scenarios before they happen.

Tighten network management controls

IT departments have a hard time to keep track of which BYOD can access the network and which can’t. Therefore, your BYOD environment needs a wireless infrastructure that is reliable. Also, you need strong NAC procedures and multiple authentication factors to keep sensitive data locked down.

Create policies for newly hired employees with BYOD devices

Gone are the days of pre-loading software to devices and handing them over to new employees. Your IT department needs to interact with your new employees and educate them about your IT policies. Plus, the new employee’s device setup and configuration will be a priority for your IT department. This is important for your new employee to become acclimated to your company’s software and IT policies.

Your IT department must now work closely with HR

The crossover between corporate usage and private usage of BYOD devices is an extremely important issue for companies. Your IT department must now work closely with HR to determine the best policies for your company and avoid infringements on your employee privacy.

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