At Last, Here is Amazon's Fire Phone

Amazon's Fire Phone

Rumors about Amazon imminent launching of a smartphone were getting bigger, even with images of the supposed phone being leaked, but there was never an official confirmation, which made people expectant. However, Amazon launched the Amazon Fire Phone publicly, and the phone is now available for people to buy.

The specs of this phone will not leave anyone indifferent, but services and little details are what really sets Fire Phone apart. It has a black body, resembling Nexus 4, but it looks somewhat fragile. Specifically, the back case seems to be prone to problems and scratches if the users are not careful enough.

Regarding hardware, the smartphone designed by Apple ships with a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core running at 2.2GHz, an IPS LCD HD (720p) screen with 4.7 inches and built with Gorilla Glass, which Amazon says that is bright enough to be perfectly seen in environments with lots of light, and a Adreno 330 graphical processor. It also comes with 2GB of RAM, two stereo speakers, a back camera with 13 megapixels, and a frontal camera, not so powerful, dedicated to video calls.

Other than these cameras, the phone also has four more cameras. Why? In order to present 3D content, which is another impressive feature on this phone. They will follow the user's head movements and adjust the contents for this kind of visualization. Another strong bet Amazon makes on Fire Phone is related to audio. The phone will ship with some amazing earphones, with tangle-free plane cables and magnetic buds for easier storage.

Users buying the Fire Phone will have unlimited cloud storage for images, which helps Amazon to fight other cloud storage services. Amazon's main Premium services will also be available, including its newest music service. Another novelty shipping with this phone is Firefly, a service that allows users to scan bar codes and then be directed to Amazon's store. Firefly also works for music and TV, in a fashion similar to Shazam, so that users can buy these things online.

For the moment, the Amazon Fire Phone is solely available in the United States, with a price of $199 for the 32GB version, and $299 for the 64GB one.

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