The Diary of an Online Gamer: Why VPN's Matter

Why VPN's Matter

So I play on a few competitive gaming sites online. The difference between the average gamer and I, is that I make a living doing it.

So I cash in a low $10 minimum on a Monday, and cash out a high profit of $300+ every Friday, to make over $300 a week.

I have to play about five to ten games a day with different opponents.

How Does This Relate To Virtual Private Networks?

Well, on several occasions my IP address has been hacked. An IP reveals a great deal of information that is useless by itself. But I am on a gaming site where my location, my username, and my real name, are all available for a hacker. Hackers combine information and this insight allows them to narrow down who I am and where I am.

A VPN such as "Surf Easy" hides my identity by allowing me to actually connect to an IP address in another state or country! Whenever I feel that I am playing someone who has bad feedback, a bad history, or shows signs of hacking my IP address, I immediately pause the game and switch my IP address to a more secure VPN service provider.

Having my location attached to my identity is just as precious as my debit card in the online world. My online presence is in danger when an individual can browse the web using my information that they collected from my IP address and minor research. The inexpensive option to have a VPN of my own on a monthly basis is unbelievably satisfying. I can "work" online as I do when I compete (without any distractions), even when I notice a slower game speed, a glitch, a skip, or anything of that nature.

All of this is possible because of VPN services currently available, and I am thankful.

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