Amazon Organizes Main Server Reboot for their Cloud Services

Amazon Web Service

Recently, Amazon Web Servers made a substantial update to their cloud servers and the customers are required to re-launch their instances in the upcoming days. Amazon sent a notification for their customers and tagged this as a “required host maintenance”. However, some cloud consultants are indicating that this is to patch a security bug in the Xen hypervisor.

Amazon deals with many vulnerabilities each day of the week. Therefore, rebooting the cloud servers is a vital activity and a way to patch the system. The Xen bug is different because of its effects on the hypervisor that generates virtual machines. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) servers across the globe will be impacted by this security and operational update. All the accessibility zones will be impacted at the same time, and amazon will restart them with all saved data intact. Most of the customers should not experience any significant issues with the reboots.

Amazon Web Service

This reboot will affect all the Amazon’s regions and availability zones. While Amazon is not suggesting a reboot of the AWS users’ servers, it is a good precaution to reboot them as well, so that the AWS can start on a clean slate.

Amazon has suggested that the customers, who are not sure if they will be impacted, may go to the “Events“ page on the AWS console to identify any incomplete cases reboots for their AWS account. The AWS console is the best tool to identify the updates on the patching. The customer can log in to their AWS console to find out if the new update has been deployed in their region.

Customers of AWS will surely be notified via email if their instances are impacted. Their AWS Support will notify them of virtual machine instances that will be updated every now and then. Let’s all brace for their required reboot.

*Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

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