A Look At Keylogger Software

A Look At Keylogger Software

What Exactly Is Keylogger Software And Should We Use It?

Keyloggers are software programs which enable users to spy on other users of a computer by secretly recording all the keystrokes. In this way it is possible to find out what others are doing on the computer, which websites they are visiting, who they are communicating with and a lot of other things.

As you can imagine, keyloggers are a major cyber-hazard if used for the wrong purposes. They can be used to steal sensitive personal information from others. These programs run by a stealth mode so that users of the computer will not be aware that a keylogger has been installed and is running in the background. The program automatically loads by default in the background whenever the computer is switched on or rebooted. However this setting can be changed so that it does not automatically start up but has to be manually started by the computer user.

If a keylogger is being run on your PC or laptop it is important for you to save the data that it is recording in a safe place so that others cannot easily stumble across it. There is no sense in saving the data in some folder which can be easily accessed by anyone. For instance, if you save all the data in the C or D drive, while browsing the computer, any user can easily come across those files saved by the keylogging program, and will be alerted to the fact that such a program is running in the background. For this reason you should save the data in a folder which is deeply hidden inside other folders on your hard drive.

How Access The Keylogger Program If It's Hidden And Not Visible In The Programs Menu?

You need to press some secret shortcut keys to bring up the program. You receive a user guide when you first download the keylogger program. That guide gives information on which shortcut keys you need to press so that you can bring up the program.

You need to be aware of the legal and ethical questions before you install keylogger software. Firstly, it is illegal to install such software on a public computer not owned by you, e.g. an office computer. You may well, for example, install it on a PC at home in order to monitor the activities of your children. Even in the latter case, you must think seriously about whether it is really necessary or not since it is effectively a form of spying. It could be that your children find out about it which causes them not to trust you, to hide things from you, and other problems.

Unfortunately keyloggers are often used for unscrupulous and criminal purposes by hackers. Although these programs are marketed by their makers as being for legitimate purposes, most of them can be used to steal personal data, and they are one of the most frequently used methods of cyber-crime.

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