A Breach is Not the End

A Breach is Not the End

Cyber attacks have never been higher in numbers and are getting more ruthless by the day. With increasing dependence on online functioning, businesses and organizations have become prone to attacks by cyber criminals and competitors alike. An attack may even originate from within the organization. The data can be used for various malicious purposes ranging from extortion to defamation and humiliation of the organization. A breach in cyber security can be catastrophic but it does not have to be an end to the organization. A proactive approach towards cyber security and implementation of the best security practices will help deter insurgents and hackers.

Data Loss Prevention

Several procedures can be put in place to ensure data protection as a preemptive measure. Active monitoring of incoming and outgoing data offers some form of protection and also doubles as an early detection system against cyber attacks. The breach may also result from inside the organization, therefore proper monitoring of access controls and configuration of effective access rights proves as a very effective deterrent against internal breach of security. For example if an employee from the accounts department tries to access the creative department’s files, the system should raise a red flag to the administration.

Consequences Of A Breach

If the integrity of data is compromised, it may as well spell disaster for an organization. A breach of data insinuates that the data is copied, deleted, or even altered and it is probable that the business may not be able to detect the intrusion weeks or even months after the breach. Different software may be used for this purpose such as intrusion detection systems. The calculation of loss in case of a breach can be a daunting task as the loss is not in the form of physical theft. Data is intangible and its monitory value may be invaluable to the business. Loss of customer confidence and goodwill are also intangibles that you cannot simply put a figure on.

Planning For A Breach

You can hope you will never have to use it, but plans and procedures need to be established in case the data security of an organization is compromised. Being prepared for the worst case scenario is one of the best ways of ensuring that if a security breach takes place, it does not mean an end to your daily operations and activities. Firstly the relevant staff has to undergo a specific training program that will teach them to react in a suitable manner to the breach. The worst thing that anyone can do at that point is panic. With sufficient planning and preparedness, the organization may well be able to recover and continue its operations.

It is essential that no stone should be left unturned and all possible scenarios should be envisioned to be in a position where you have an effective breach recovery plan. Even if the data lost seems insignificant to the organization, it should never be taken lightly. Hackers can manipulate and use simple forms of data such as usernames and email addresses to commit cyber crimes such as bank theft. You don’t wear a seatbelt hoping to crash but wear it for a just-in-case scenario. Similarly all organizations that conduct business using information systems should place controls and measures to protect themselves from any breaches in security and perform effective contingency planning to recover for them.

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