9 Ways to Extend Your Android's Battery Life

9 Ways to Extend Your Android's Battery Life

You love your Android phone or tablet, with its big, bright screen and every app imaginable. Unfortunately, those beautiful displays can put quite a drain on your battery power, especially if you have your device on for hours at a time playing games or surfing. Fortunately, there are things you can do to slow the power use. Here are 9 ways to extend the battery life on your Android device.

Tips To Save Energy On The Display

  • Don't use auto-brightness. The display on your device is one of the biggest users of battery power, so saving energy here can really pay off. Auto-brightness is usually much brighter than it needs to be. Change the setting to manual control, and set brightness at the lowest level you find comfortable. You can always raise it occasionally if you need to.
  • Set a short timeout duration. Studies show that average users turn on their phone about 150 times each day. If you set a short timeout duration, then it could mean your screen is on less each time you turn it on, which will save you battery life every day.
  • Remove live wallpaper and widgets. You don't need to remove all your favorite widgets, because those are part of the joy of owning your phone. But keep in mind that live wallpapers use power all of the time, as do widgets like weather, which continually check for updates. Removing those you don't need will save your battery.

Tips To Save Energy By Adjusting Settings

  • Turn off vibrate and haptic feedback. Do you really need your phone to vibrate, or would the ring be enough? It takes more power for your phone to vibrate than it does to ring. If you don't need that extra alert, turn it off to save your battery. You can also turn off haptic feedback. It's a cool feature, but it uses more power.
  • Update your apps manually. Go into your Google Play Store, and change the settings to manually update your apps. When this is set to auto-update, it could start updating a dozen apps when you don't expect it. That can definitely be a drain on the battery, and can also use your data plan.
  • Adjust frequency for social and mail updates. How often do you really need to receive updates from your email, Facebook, or Twitter? If these are set to automatically check for new material frequently, it can be a battery drain. Try setting your frequency lower, or even change it to manual polling.

Tips And Apps To Manage Your Power Usage

  • See where your power is going. Go into Settings -> Battery, and you can see a list of what is using up your battery power. It will show you your apps in order of which use the most battery life. If you see something you don't use much, you can turn it off or uninstall it.
  • Try the app Battery Defender. This free app gives you a number of features for managing battery life. It shows the exact percentage of battery life remaining. It lets you easily toggle off features like Bluetooth, GPS, and Wifi when they're not needed, or set the frequency for your sync. You can also set up "quiet sleeping," which disables features at night.
  • Try the app Juice Defender. This app comes in three versions, from free to $4.99. It lets you create various preset modes, like "balanced" or "aggressive". Within each of these, you can set up controls for apps, screen usage, background processing, and synchronization schedule. You can set wifi to be location-aware, or schedule certain things for evenings or weekends.

There you have it, 9 ways to extend your Android's battery life. Using these tips, you're sure to be able to shave unnecessary battery use, so your phone will last longer for the things you really need.

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