8 Steps to Create a Better EFSS Solution for Your Company

8 Steps to Create a Better EFSS Solution for Your Company

Today’s businesses rely on file sharing between their employees and customers. Therefore, cloud based tools play an important role for business owners today. The tools allow businesses to share files with multiple people and devices at the same time. The broad range of functions and features help the enterprises and consumers alike.

Many employees currently use cloud based file sharing tools that don’t offer the security a company needs. However, these tools offer an employee reliable file transfer and they are easy to use. Unfortunately, this leaves a company vulnerable to many security risks. Because of these free tools companies have experienced data breaches and lost corporate files.

Therefore, your company needs an EFSS (enterprise file sync and share) solution. However, the problem is convincing your employees they must adapt to the new tools that offer security and balance for your company. Your IT department needs to select the tools that focus on the end-user's needs, but at the same time have the security feature your company needs.

How To Find A Better EFSS Solution For Your Company?

  1. Security: Finding the right EFSS solution is a difficult task for any company. Your IT department needs control over endpoint data and network security. However, your employees need a file sharing app that can move large data files to multiple devices and multiple end-users. Therefore, it is important to find apps that support both security and employee requirements.
  2. Usability: Your IT department must take a consumer-centric approach when introducing the new apps to your employees. In the beginning your employees will find it difficult to give up their old apps for the new company-approved apps. However, if your IT department can prove to each person the new apps are just as easy for them to use it makes the adoption easier.
  3. Functionality: Your new apps need to support multiple devices and operating systems. Therefore, when you select your company’s apps, make sure they can work with iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Furthermore, the apps need to work the same way on all devices.
  4. File Transfer: The new EFSS apps must give your employees the same freedom they are accustomed to now. That means the new apps have to support large file transfers to multiple devices.
  5. Access Control: Demonstrate the ability of the new apps to each employee. Show everyone how the new solution can allow them to assign access rights to each document. They can select to send a file that is read only, has administrator privileges, or can be a read/write document.
  6. Deletion Mistakes: Any good app has a solution to recover deleted or overwritten files. Everyone has deleted or overwritten an important document from time to time. Therefore, the app your company implements must have a document retrieval for these cases.
  7. Sharing Options: Integrated file sharing is a necessity for business today. Therefore, the file sharing app your company selects should help your employees collaborate with each other. Furthermore, find an app that employees will use and don’t select an app that supports drag and drop file sharing.
  8. Introduction: When introducing the new EFSS apps and solutions to your employees, it is best to start with the good news first. Your employees need apps that are simple to use, reliable, can share large files, and don’t take a long time to load or send a file.

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