8 Common Myths About Social Networking For Small Business

Myths About Social Networking For Small Business

Despite the mind-boggling pervasiveness of social media today, certain myths persist about its relevance for small businesses. Can social media really help drive sales and, if so, how and where? Is social media genuinely worthwhile or an enormous waste of time?

Сommon Social Media Myths About Small Business, And Reasons To Disregard Them

  1. Social networking sites aren't for marketing. Reality: Saying social communities are not for marketing is like saying networking and word of mouth will never get you business. Remember, great customer service increases the value of your brand in the eyes of your customers which helps strengthen your credibility. The key to networking (both online and offline) is utilizing the VCP model: visibility + credibility = profitability. You can easily educate your prospects and customers on the value you offer by the value you provide those you interact with on social networking sites.
  2. A Twitter profile or photo is unimportant. Reality: No one wants to buy something from a business with no description or image. Taking time to craft an appealing profile (and adding a people-friendly image) makes a difference.
  3. Social media is too informal for business. Reality: With the idea of being more likable comes the dreaded misconception that social media is far too informal for business. It does indeed attract people who post about what they ate for breakfast or their favorite member of One Direction. The beauty of social media for business is that you can be more human. The CIA stormed into the Twitter world last month with a hilarious first tweet that re-invented people’s perceptions… by proving America’s spooks do actually have a sense of humor. The response was overwhelming and currently has over 300,000 retweets. Additionally, their follower count shot up to around 629,000. Amazing, really.
  4. I can’t attract older customers on social media. Reality: This is the worse myth that has been observed by people so far. In older days not many individuals aged above 40 were not at all active on social media but that is not true in today’s date. Research also speaks that people aged 30-49 use social media, and more than half of those aged 50-64 (52 percent) are active on social media, too.
  5. When I set up a social media account, sales leads will follow. Reality: Establishing a presence on Twitter or LinkedIn is just the first step in the process. What you do after that determines whether or not you can generate new business.
  6. Everyone Has A Facebook Account. Reality: A lot of people say that everybody has one but in reality, not everybody does. It’s important to recognize other platforms.
  7. Only The Rich and The Famous Have Huge Amounts Of Followers. Reality: That may once have been true, but not these days. Even regular people have huge followings. You too, can acquire a decent number of followers for your company as long as you know the right kind of content to post.
  8. Consumers Aren’t Reading Your Social Posts. Reality: Contrary to popular arguments, not only does your social content get read, it also has the ability to influence purchasing decisions. In fact, HubSpot concluded that in 2011, “67 percent of B2C companies and 41 percent of B2B companies have acquired a customer through Facebook.” Text-only status updates tend to perform poorly compared to images and links; so, make sure to consider that when creating your social strategy. Well-respected corporations like Proctor & Gamble offer contests and engaging photography, send out coupons weekly and anoint very specific employees to be their brand ambassadors. No matter what the social network, any text, video, image, contest or coupon you publish will get read by consumers.

Final Analysis

Set aside these social media marketing myths and concentrate on doing for your company that last beyond “the sale.”

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