7 Essential Online PR Goals for Entrepreneurs

Online PR Goals for Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest dilemmas business owners go through is online public relations strategies: the time, the content, and the channels to use. Thankfully, time management is answered by scheduling tools such as Hootsuite. Content, however, is not much of an issue if you know your business well (and follow suit like those who are successful by ‘going visual’). A very common mistake many unknowingly commit is picking/focusing on the right media (channel: i.e. blog, social network, YouTube, etc.) that addresses your immediate concern. Take a look at the 7 most common online PR goals to consider and a few media suggestions for each.

Developing Brand Recognition

You cannot get customers to simply buy or trust a brand that’s unestablished. This is most crucial if you have just started a shop and noticed little to zero traffic coming in. The reason is simple and not supposed to be surprising: your customers never heard about you YET.

Suggested media: blogs (your own & relevant ones), relevant forums, online magazines (provided that you have a kit ready), podcasts, YouTube channel, infographics

Capturing The Right Audience

It is flattering to have thousands of “likes” and “follows” on social media—add to that “shares” on your blog. However, are these people the ones you actually want to reach? Your following could be coming from interested, but not purchasing, parties. This is not what you want. You want leads.

Suggested media: sites and groups/forums related to your niche, podcasts, guest posting in popular blogs/sites where your target market is likely interested

A Steady Flow Of Website Traffic

What’s the use of great content and layout if your website is not getting any traffic? Indeed, there is a sense of satisfaction you feel at the launch of your site, but this has to transform into getting the attention it deserves.

Suggested media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest fan base (with links to relevant site pages on posts you share), blogs

Earning And/Or Selling More

Success-driven business owners should never stop at getting stable income, but rather think of ways to elevate sales to the next level. If you are in this position, now is the time to realize how media can give those numbers in your account a boost.

Suggested media: YouTube ads, paid Facebook ads, popular blogs in your niche (guest or paid post ad), podcasts

Making It On Google’s Top 3: SEO

That your business doesn’t appear on the top search results with any relevant search term means your competitors are getting a bigger chunk of your market. If this is the case, you aren’t supposed to accept it as fact because there is something you can (and are supposed to) do about it.

Suggested media: linked social media channels to your website, YouTube fan base, Google’s Adwords, Google webmaster tools

Building a Good Email Subscriber List

One surefire way to reach your target market is to get them subscribing to your updates or mail outs. Perhaps you've exerted work on your marketing tactics well and would like a great amount of participation, having a good email subscriber list is a valuable way to announce.

Suggested media: a link to the subscription form in all your social media channels

Increasing Physical Store Visits (and Sales)

Some businesses really require that customers walk in through the physical store to sell. It’s either the products being sold cannot be shipped or require in-store visit (i.e. restaurants, daycares, laundromats, and etc.).

Suggested media: local listing sites (i.e. Yelp), Google+ listing)

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