6 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe on Twitter

Keep Your Data Safe on Twitter

Twitter is a social media service that's both fun and useful. Some people use it to stay on top of trends and world events. Others use it to keep in touch with friends, promote their businesses, or discover new conversations happening on topics of interest. Unfortunately, there are also people who use Twitter for malicious purposes, trying to steal your data or identify with tracking software and phishing scams.

Some Tips To Keep Your Twitter Account Safe And Secure

1. Change Your Password

It's wise to change your password every few months, to keep it safe from hackers who want to take it over. Some big corporations force password changes every quarter, and that is a good rule to follow. If you ever have the slightest hint or concern that your account may have been compromised, immediately reset your password to secure your account.

2. Turn on Login Verification

The default setting for this in Twitter is off, but turning on this setting can significantly increase your security. The way it works is that you turn it on, and then if anyone attempts to log in to your account from a different device than you normally use, Twitter will send a verification code to your phone. You need to get the code from your phone, and then enter it on the website, in order to continue with logging in. This way, even if somebody has your password, they can't get into your account unless they also have your phone.

3. Protect Your Location

It's a good idea not to tweet about where you are on vacation. You may want to share your fabulous photos of the Greek Islands, but this can let unscrupulous people know that you're away from home, and that your house is probably empty. To protect your location, watch what you tweet, and also turn off the twitter setting that automatically adds your location to all of your tweets. Go into Settings, and uncheck "Add location to my tweets."

4. Use a Direct Message for Personal Information

If you need to share something personal like your address, phone number, birthday, or anything else with somebody over Twitter, do it with a direct message instead of a normal tweet. Normal tweets can be seen by everyone, while direct messages will only be seen by the person you send it to.

5. Watch out for Links in Spam Messages

A popular way for people to get scammed on Twitter is through phishing attacks in spam messages. The messages often use a teaser to get you to click a link, with something like "Did you hear what he's saying about you?" or "LOL This picture of you is funny!" The goal is to get you to click the link. If you do, you'll usually end up at a fake Twitter login page. If you fall for it, and enter your login info here, you've given a scammer access to your account.

6. Block Unwanted People

If you want to block a spammer or someone who sends you inappropriate messages, you can block them. This will hide your account so that they won't see anything you post, and can't send you direct messages. Just go to their profile, click the gear, and look down until you find "Block or Report."

Use these extra security measures to make your Twitter experience more safe. Then you can enjoy the service, with fewer concerns.

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