6 Cloud Computing Benefits Worth Knowing

 Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing is very popular and necessary in the business world today, mainly because of its vast benefits. With the help of cloud solutions, businesses find it so easy transitioning from a fixed cost structure to a variable one. Moreover, it helps cut down total costs too.

Unlike the usual software applications installed in computers, cloud applications are both remotely managed and located and can be customized based on the company’s needs. Unlike traditional software applications, it is the cloud provider and not the customer who is in charge of the maintenance, bandwidth and operations of cloud solutions.

Moreover, cloud applications can be easily accessed through web browsers while providing agility and scalability to the customer. Read on to learn more.

Top 6 Benefits Of Cloud Computing

1. Quickly and easily adopted to

As mentioned above, cloud applications can be easily accessed by users through web browsers anytime and from anywhere. With web-style user interfaces like eBay or Yahoo, there is widespread adoption across the company without the need of any additional detailed training.

2. Easily receive the latest and greatest updates

The cloud vendor handles all software updates and renewals which take place several times a year. There is no additional cost for this but does ensure a modern user interface which meets all the business demands.

3. Quick response to emergencies

As the capacity and location planning of the cloud application is not in the hands of the customer but is the responsibility of the cloud vendor, companies can quickly respond to unexpected business changes as cloud vendors handle all these operations.

4. Deployment is completed in months and not years

Cloud solutions typically require only 2-3 quarters to get implemented while the on-premise solutions require 2-3 years for implementation. In addition to this, the IT resources required for starting cloud solutions is much less.

5. Better security

Many people are apprehensive about using cloud computing as they worry about the security of company data existing outside the internal firewall. On the contrary, security is actually improved and better with cloud solutions as cloud providers have to follow strict ISO security standards.

Moreover, there are the regular security audits they have to answer to. It is because of all this that you need not worry about the confidential data in your laptop or about receiving treacherous threats.

6. Lower initial investment and risks

It is the structure-based pricing of the cloud service that ensures cloud applications require a lower initial investment. In fact, the required investment is usually much cheaper than the costs for on-premise structures.

Moreover, customers, who are not happy with the cloud solutions, can easily come out of it. This proves that all and any business risks involved here lies in the hands of the cloud vendor and not the company or customer.

In a nutshell, quick deployment, lower expenses and risks and strategic agility all indicate the advantages of cloud computing. Despite all this, there are still many companies that struggle to decide if they should buy cloud solutions or end up missing a great business opportunity.

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