5 Reasons for Selecting Tape Automation Library for Data Storage

Data Storage

Neglecting the storage needs of valuable data can prove harmful in today's technology run business world. Flash drives, external hard drives and other traditional storage methods do not provide sufficient storage to meet the long term storage needs of most businesses. Intelligent tape automation libraries store and protect valuable company data long term. Companies should select an automated intelligent tape library for long term data storage for the following five reasons.

Five Tips To Select Intelligent Tape Library

  1. Compliance Requirements: ISO 9000 and other accrediting agencies require compliance verification to be readily available. Records and other documents must be stored for long periods of time. Companies utilizing an automated intelligent tape library realize an immediate positive impact for retrieving records for compliance audit verifications.
  2. Cost Efficient: Automated intelligent tape libraries are a cost efficient method for long term data storage. A company may purchase a storage loader to meet current data storage requirements and upgrade as needed. Dell, IBM, Teradata and other companies offer automated intelligent tape libraries for entry level, medium and large size companies.
  3. Disaster Recovery: Top business leaders realize the importance of archival and back-up storage for disaster recovery. Fire, tornado, earthquake and other disasters may result in a halt in some critical business functions. The continuation of vital technology infrastructure should not be a concern if policies and procedures for recovery include an automated intelligent tape library.
  4. Fast Retrieval: Automated intelligent tape libraries provide a fast, reliable file retrieval process. The fast retrieval process equals an increase in production. Employees spend less down time hunting for files and other documents. Barcode readers, configurable mail slots and multiple slot magazines are available to speed up the retrieval process.
  5. Safeguard Data and Records: Companies should take necessary precautions to protect data against cyber criminals. Reports such as a Russian criminal ring stealing over a billion passwords, data breech by Chinese hackers and cyber gang crime fill the news. The latest in data encryption options are available and recommended for safeguarding data and records stored on automatic intelligent tape libraries from hackers.

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