5 Reasons Why Cloud Data Protection Isn't Always a Good Idea

Cloud Data Protection

In the past few years, the cloud has been used for data protection. Despite its huge popularity, this kind of protection might not be the best solution for your business and/or personal data. Here are some of the reasons why may not be the ideal decision.

Data Security

Security breaches are common and cloud storage brings about this potential threat in a big way. It is a frequent reason for choosing not to store data in the cloud. When data is stored in the cloud, that data appears outside of your data center. In this way, you cannot necessarily directly control your information and the way you want to protect it. Your data is vulnerable and prone to outside threats and security breaches.

Cost-efficiency And Pricing

Ongoing cost is something that you must consider before you choose cloud-based data protection. How does pricing work? Normally, the price is based upon the amount of space you need. In addition, the I/O load that you produce plays a role in pricing too. You need to cover these costs every month. If an organization makes a file copy to the cloud, then the organization has to pay for the space used by that copied file. The cloud provider will charge you that same space usage each month. This is not necessarily a cost-effective solution for everyone.


Having your data protected and hidden from the eyes of others is crucial when you are running a business. Some businesses choose not to have cloud-based data protection because they want privacy. Can you be absolutely sure that the provider you hire will not read or use your data? A few incidents of such data abuse have been documented. Cloud storage providers have previously used their clients’ data for emails and used their addresses for advertising and marketing purposes.

Recovery Time

Another disadvantage of using cloud-based data protection is its inability to quickly recover from a crash. The fact is, that many providers offer instant and efficient recovery for their clients. A hybrid cloud approach is very popular among many organizations, and this approach has a tool on-site for recovery, with data duplicated to the cloud. If the cloud has to be used to make restorations, then the entire process of recovery can be slowed, due to bandwidth limitations.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Having your data protected through the cloud is not a great idea if the cloud provider you're considering can cause failure of all your data. Normally, backup hardware is used for data protection. But what if cloud provider decides to shut down? Be savvy and never put all of your eggs in one basket. If you opt for cloud-based data protection, then the cloud can be diversified solution, if you use multiple cloud locations to store your valuable data.

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