5 Pro Marketing Predictions for Social Media

Predictions for Social Media

Have you been wondering what social media marketing is going to be like in the coming year? If the kind of transformations that we saw in 2014 are anything to go by, then we should expect even more innovation this year. In order to get a more accurate glimpse of what the situation is going to be like throughout 2015, I've prepared a list of marketing predictions for this year.

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Here's what we're likely to see:

Video becoming the content of choice

Video is expected to be the most dominant content format of choice for social media this year. Moreover, more and more people are expected to use regular video segments such as podcasts or blog posts more frequently to drive their engagement on social media as well as other marketing goals.

Looking back a little, August of 2014 saw Facebook surpass YouTube as the market leader in the total number of videos viewed via desktop computers, according to comScore. Nevertheless, it is important to note that YouTube still leads across all devices. By September 2014, up to a billion video views were happening on Facebook daily.

Another statistic that reveals the upward trend of video posting and viewing is via SocialBakers. Data here shows that in 2014, video posting moved away from YouTube, toward Facebook. Though YouTube was still ahead in terms of total figures, what is happening is a trend that (if it continues), will have Facebook emerging as the immediate beneficiary.

With Facebook being a dominant platform for sharing and engagement, videos are significantly shared more on the social media platform than via YouTube itself. Alternatively, AOL’s Convertro research has revealed that YouTube tops the list at driving trackable sales.

Information density creates hurdles

In my opinion, one mega-trend acts like a gigantic hammer that forges almost every single idea or innovation in the marketing world of today. It is expected that by 2020, information available over the Internet will increase six-fold, a predictive figure that some people still believe is quite low. Now this is where the challenge comes in for marketers: how do you cut through this content shockwave to gain even a small share of the limited customer attention out there?

It is this reality that drives some of the most crucial shifts that are expected in 2015:

  • Migration of business away from Facebook: with the massive amount of content on Facebook today, companies either have to spend large amounts of cash on Hollywood-quality content, Facebook advertising, or both. They are therefore likely to start migrating to less noisy platforms.
  • The advent of new content forms: the web is adapting to and adopting many new realities that are expected to fuel new innovations that will help businesses be a cut above the rest. New and interesting content forms are going to emerge this year. Expect innovation in interactive video as well as new kinds of short-form visual content.
  • Fighting through filters: as new apps and filters like Zite continue to emerge to assist users to make better content choices, marketers are expected to focus more on getting messages through them, to connect with their consumers.

SlideShare becomes the YouTube for online business

SlideShare is to LinkedIn what Instagram is to Facebook. Look to SlideShare to come out as the leading platform to connect business professionals, by giving them a cutting edge place to locate and share bite-sized chunks of content on the fly.

With SlideShare, you can generate, distribute, and consume presentations quickly. It is a fantastic tool for B2B marketers looking for a dynamic platform for their content marketing. A good presentation will fuel an increase in page views and leads, as well as powerful SEO juice and long-lasting evergreen web content.

2014 saw SlideShare add video capabilities for influencers on LinkedIn. In 2015, we expect to see SlideShare extend video to their entire user-base. SlideShare video is aptly poised become "YouTube for business". Keep an eye on SlideShare this year if you are a B2B business or marketer. You won't want to be left out of the loop.

YouTube nosedives as social media networks embrace hosted video

Quite naturally, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are expected to show some preferential treatment to videos hosted via their own platforms. Marketers are going to begin uploading their original videos via the social networks themselves. There is also the added advantage of extra exposure on social networks, due to the fact that users stay on these platforms for longer and also because social media offers unique advertising opportunities.

Social conversions become much simpler

In 2015, social micro-conversions are going to become an active, successful, and effective strategy.

Right now, promoting a business on social media mostly involves directing traffic back to your website by introducing a call-to-action, and then leading a visitor through a conversion. The trouble with this norm is the many steps involved.

Direct action via engagement - for instance, buying via a tweet, calling in through a mobile click, performing a Facebook registration, or initiating a purchase using Pinterest - all are expected to be on the rise this year. Whether integrated on the social platforms directly or through third-party apps, these processes will bring about the enhanced ability to convert more targeted users and the actual desired activity.

This year is set to be a fantastic evolution, since many businesses everywhere are frustrated by the apparent lackluster conversion performance via current social media activity. By keeping the number of steps to a necessary minimum, and reducing the complexity of customer interactions, conversion is set to become much cleaner in 2015.

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