5 Core Components Of Your Corporate EMM Platform

5 Core Components Of Your Corporate EMM Platform

Tablets, smartphones, cloud services and email; in today’s globally connected economy, your business must be mobile-friendly or fail to keep up with your competitors. Finding the right security solution for mobile devices in an enterprise is undoubtedly difficult, but it isn’t impossible.

Effective management of mobility demands a good EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution that features five key components: Mobile Device Management, Secure Containers, Mobile Application Management, Configuration Management Tools and Mobile Collaboration.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM is fundamental to managing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the office environment in that it provides the baseline toolkit for control and security. Whilst many mobile devices are ready-equipped with basic management features, organisations that deploy an EMM platform which includes MDM functionality can benefit from features that ensure security and provide a productive experience for end-users. Such features include;

  • remote lock or wipe for devices which are lost, stolen or damaged
  • complex passcode enforcement
  • office mobile device ecosystem management
  • restriction of rooted devices from access to corporate resources

Secure Containers

An EMM solution will allow your organisation to keep everything work-related in a secure container; i.e. a protected environment. Employee privacy concerns are effectively addressed; enterprise apps and folders are shielded from personal apps, the risk of sensitive data leakage is reduced and access to your corporate content is made secure.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

As mobile app usage in commerce increases, an effective EMM solution needs a Mobile Application Management (MAM). This solution helps in the following ways:

  • evaluates corporate apps’ health state
  • restricts apps that may hinder employee productivity or introduce security issues
  • deploys business-related apps securely
  • ensures the security of data communication between company databases and servers and mobile apps

Configuration Management Tools

Configuration and management tools provide a bridge between EMM platforms and mobile devices in the workplace. IT administrators can then use the features offered to put security controls in place on mobile devices and provide alerts to any prohibited activity. Action can be taken in response to any inappropriate use of apps or devices and different permissions can be assigned to end user groups and individuals together with support as required. Configuration management tools can also be used to facilitate analytics reports and other metrics.

Mobile Collaboration

Collaboration tools and platforms are increasingly integral to the daily functionality of the mobile workforce. EMM platforms offer other useful features to the corporate user:

  • enabling collaboration between user groups allowing smoother and easier decision making processes
  • providing end users with the facility to edit content in real time
  • protecting employee security
  • supporting end users without the need for excessive amounts of training

In conclusion

So you can see that a good EMM solution is vital to your organisation if you are to fully embrace the mobile age. A good platform will allow your IT department to easily, quickly and securely manage mobile devices, apps and documents across your company from one location whilst ensuring data security, compliance and governance.

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