4 of the Best Blogging Apps for Android

Best Blogging Apps for Android

In the last few years, blogging has become a lucrative enterprise that can generate significant traffic and income streams. While a growing number of writers may have monetized their site for financial gain, the desire to express an opinion and share knowledge remains the driving factor behind most blogs.

This means that there is an entire range of universal apps available for bloggers, regardless of whether they write professionally or for fun. These applications enable writers to edit and manage their blogs while on the move, while also integrating their site into a real-time social network.

Blogging Android Apps to You

With this in mind, lets take a look at four of the tops applications for editing and managing your blog while on the move:

1. WordPress

Although there are multiple platforms available for bloggers, WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used. In fact, those who are starting a new blog should prioritize WordPress as their chosen platform, thanks primarily to its advanced plugins, outstanding functionality and mobile app. The app in question is essentially a stripped back version of the main resource, and one which is compatible with self-hosted WordPress blogs as well as those on the .com platform. As a fully-functional application, users can create, edit and publish their blog posts, while also moderating comments and sharing their work across an integrated social media platform.

2. Tumblr

If you are relatively new to blogging or simply wish to add an additional dimension to your existing site, you should consider opening a micro-blog on Tumblr. Not only can you sync this with your main blog and social media accounts, but a Tumblr blog can also use media-rich content to engage readers and drive traffic. This app gives you full access to the existing range of Tumblr publication tools while on the move, enabling you to do everything from scheduling posts for publication to answering direct messages or comments. You can also follow and interact with fellow bloggers through the app, allowing you to build a vibrant social network in real-time. The Tumblr app also lets you draw content from new sites such as topsy.com , reddit.com and buzzsumo.com, so it is ideal for posting real-time snippets.

3. Writer

While the WordPress app listed earlier may have an in-built feature that enables users to create new posts, this is not always accessible to bloggers who are registered with an alternative platform. This is why the Writer app is so popular, as it is essentially a stripped-down word processor that provides an accessible and easy to use writing environment that connects seamlessly to your blog site. When you sync this mobile app to your blog, you can create and publish new content simply by using a smartphone interface. On a similar note, you may also want to consider downloading the SwiftKey Keyboard as this detects and automatically corrects common typing mistakes and spelling errors.

4. Photo Editor

Given the modern smartphone’s capacity for capturing high quality images in real-time, there is no reason why mobile bloggers should not be able to attach these pictures to blog posts. While this may be relatively straightforward, however, it is far more challenging to edit images once they have been captured or published online. This is where the Photo Editor application comes into play, however, as it allows you to crop, edit and re-size photographs while also enabling you to add effects and captions. This applies to both recently taken and published images, so there is no excuse for not maintaining the visual quality of your blog while you are on the move.

Image: Pixabay

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