4 Innovative Services for Business Automation

Business Processes Automation

Advancements in technology lead to the fact that many companies are adopting a variety of automation tools that improve customer service and reduce costs. In today's article, we will look at a few interesting cloud services providing automation for businesses.

Jacada - Employment Support Services

Jacada creates products for the automation of the employee support departments. Among the solutions - a single panel displaying all the necessary data from various programs used for service, which ultimately reduce the time to solve the problem.

As stated on the website of the project, most types of software that are used for collecting and storing information about clients have complex and unintuitive interface, so the employees are required to spend a lot of time only to be able to gather all the necessary information in order to solve the smallest problem.

Marketo - Marketing Automation

This is one of the most popular cloud tools to automate marketing tasks, which combines the ability to work with the email newsletters and social networks, supports the functionality of CRM, landing pages, etc. (integrated with Google Analytics).

ActiveConversion - Sales Automation

The founders of the ActiveConversion project define their service as the need to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. This is done on the one hand by tracking marketing efforts and on the other - by means of collecting data about site visitors, which is then thoroughly analyzed.

All this allows their clients to increase the effectiveness of sales. For example, the system will advise when it is best to contact potential customers and when there is a bigger chance for them to be ready to make a purchase.

PalletOps - Cloud Agile-development

This one provides a purely technical aspect for business automation and is no less important. Pallet is a tool for cloud development, which uses the approach of “infrastructure as code” by its own developers. It can help you carry out automation on application-level racks or individual virtual machines. You can use the system to work with any virtual machine from Bash to SSH.

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