3D Printers – A Game Changer For Practically Everything

3D Printers – A Game Changer For Practically Everything

No question about it: 3D printers are bent to change the world as we know it. Even now, the technology is being used and experimented on in different industries, promising the future generation easier and better access to practically everything.

The Top 5 Ways 3D Printers Are Making Huge Change In The World


Although the physical examples are still limited, theoretically speaking, 3D printing offers the possibility of changing medicine as we know it. Imagine being able to print loss limbs to match the exact specifications of a person. Think how we can create dental implants, hip replacements and so much more medical marvels that can both improve and extend our quality of life. Today, 3D printing is being used to provide ducks and tortoises with customized limbs – now imagine if we could do that for people.


In 2013, Victoria’s Secret tested out 3D printing, creating a snowflake wardrobe for their model using nylon. With any other manufacturing technique, the process of creating intricately designed clothing would have been expensive and time consuming, but 3D printing made it possible without all the typical hassle. What is really important about this, however, is the fact that they managed to accomplish this using the specific model’s vital statistics to create a wonderfully specific fit. This could just be a glimpse of what the fashion world could do as 3D printing can revolutionize customized clothing. A few more years and we might be saying goodbye to “one size fits all” dresses.

General Electronics

Big companies like GE are also seeing the incredible potential of 3D printing. They are investing heavily on the project with a view of using it in the manufacturing process. Anything from car parts, appliances parts, and jet engines may be infused with 3D printing technology, creating bigger and better devices out there. In the long run, consumers may find themselves availing of cheaper appliances, safer cars, and essentially better electronic products to enhance quality of life.

Environmental Impact

Imagine only having to tweak the program a little in order to achieve a completely different design. No need for additional tools or an extra line in the manufacturing process. With 3D printing, items are created layer by layer all through the same single device. This means that manufacturing companies no longer need to employ and burn so much fuel to make the same amount of products. Not only that, but think what this could do to the troublesome issues on transit! Imagine: you could just send program details from one country to another and have those printed on-site with no need for expensive fares.

3D Printing at Home

Now, imagine if we all have our own 3D printer or if the technology becomes available in small to medium scale businesses. Instead of buying clothes, people can start buying clothing programs and just have them printed to their specifications. Think what that would be like for people abroad or those who travel often but don’t want to bring a closet-full of clothes with them. Even at home, 3D printing can replace missing utensils; create lost screwdrivers and so much more.

Imagination is usually the limit when it comes to 3D printing. If you can envision how the end product would look like – then it can be done.

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