3 Cloud Hurdles You Better be Ready For

3 Cloud Hurdles

As the year 2015 began, businesses realized there are quite a number of things regarding the use of cloud apps they need to deal with. Aside from being worrisome, these issues are presenting some drawbacks about the cloud apps.

A cloud app, short for cloud application, is an application program or software application that functions in the cloud. In other words, it is an app that is not installed on a local computer but is accessed using the information superhighway, or Internet. And cloud services are any resources that are provided via the global system of interconnected computer networks.

The use of cloud-based apps escalated in the year 2014 and somehow proved to be beneficial to the companies. However, a number of worrisome trends have been observed. And these issues need to be addressed before its growth leads to further outpacing of the corporate controls.

  • Becoming more complicated – Businesses have been using too many cloud applications already. Yes, there are a lot of benefits, but a certain issue from having too many of these apps in the company surfaced and it cannot be ignored and neglected. IT has become more complicated. IT complexities are supposed to end with the use of cloud. From management complexities to administrative complexities, the use of multiple cloud apps resulted in a more complicated problem because each app added needs IT administrators to work on its security, mobility, integration, removing user, changing device settings, and even billing. The solution to this is simply to stop adding more cloud apps and start integrating those that are already available and in use.
  • Too many have access and control – Because of too many cloud apps in use, too many people are also given the authority to access and control such services. And that could lead to unintentional leak of data or accidental exposure of personal details. To solve this matter, it is highly recommended that companies should strictly and firmly control the access and utilization of the cloud apps in the corporation.
  • Passwords have become too weak – Cloud hacks occur because cyber-criminals take advantage of weak passwords used. And according to a recent survey, almost 90% of ex-employees were able to retain at least one password and login name from their previous employer. The solution for this is to create and use strong passwords to effectively protect and secure computer systems. Strict access termination is also advised so that people who are not employed in the company anymore can no longer access any application of that company.

Cloud apps have benefited many companies. However, most of the companies have overused the applications which resulted to several cloud hurdles and top three of these hurdles are already mentioned above. So businesses better be ready to address whatever issues that may arise.

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