10 Tips to Improve the Security of Your Cell Phone

Security of Your Cell Phone

With the use of mobile devices like cell we constantly keep in touch, we sailed on the internet are very useful for various daily activities, most focused on work and leisure. As important as your cell phone tool, should be protected and free from vulnerability because in it are very personal information like passwords, videos, photos and more.

Do you know how to improve the safety of your Smartphone?

Director of Information Security at Stonesoft, a specialized provider of network security company, said that the Internet can do almost anything and unfortunately also found organized crime territory opportunities with the mobile device, also transport one significant collection of very important personal data. Now, we take a few seconds to analyze what data we have in our mobile devices such as saved passwords from Facebook, Twitter, emails, photos or incriminating videos, work documents, contact numbers and saved emails, etc.

How To Protect Your Phone?

  1. Reload programs and operating systems often mobile.
  2. Installing applications and programs only from trusted sources such as App Store, Google Play or Nokia Store.
  3. Ensure price before buying things within applications, as it can be very expensive. It is also possible in some cases disable the option.
  4. Read the terms and conditions of use applications. It is very important to be aware of the privacy policies and grant permissions to different applications. Especially, you must pay attention to those requiring information on the location or ask user rights to the content that you upload.
  5. Changing the access code and PIN of the SIM card that comes by default. You should not use passwords with your birth date or other number combinations that are easy to guess.
  6. Enable Data Encryption option if your phone has that capability.
  7. Advised connect your mobile to a online service able to locate a lost or stolen device and delete data.
  8. Immediately inform the relevant operator in the event of loss or theft to lock the SIM card and request a duplicate with the same number.
  9. Delete all personal information from old devices no longer use and reset them.
  10. Backing up all data and mobile contacts, especially in the cloud so you never lose and available at any time from anywhere.
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