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The Best Enterprise Mobility Management Tool

How To Pick The Best Enterprise Mobility Management Tool

Things to consider before you buy enterprise mobility management tool. With innovation in mobile devices, managing everything can be something of a moving target. User-owned devices proliferating at work means most businesses can't afford to put off upgrading their support infrastructure ...
8 Steps to Create a Better EFSS Solution for Your Company

8 Steps to Create a Better EFSS Solution for Your Company

Businesses rely on file sharing between employees and customers. Therefore, cloud based tools play an important role for business owners. The tools allow businesses to share files with multiple people and devices at the same time. The broad range of functions help the enterprises and consumers alike ...
Music Player Apps for Android

Top 5 Music Player Apps for Android

For music lovers and enthusiast, it’s never okay to stick with the music app available on smart phone. Sometimes you just got to have more! Meaning more tweaks in the equalizer, more playlist listing, and more features! Here are the list of music apps you would want to check out on your smartphone ...
Enterprise Mobility

3 Challenges Associated With Enterprise Mobility This Year

Mobile applications are evolving. An increasing number of organizations are keen on building employee apps, integrating them with their existing back-end systems and enabling their staff access and manage corporate information... Developing additional mobile apps for their customers and employees ...
New Android Browser Bug Discovered

New Android Browser Bug Discovered

Attention Android users a new bug is on the loose that could turn into a serious invasion of privacy. The bug was discovered in the pre-Android 4.4 browser app. This bug can evade the AOSP browser’s SOP browser security. Why is this bug so dangerous? What does this bug mean for big corporations ...
LTE - Long Term Evolution

What Is LTE Technology - Long Term Evolution

Technology used in mobile networks has been improving continuously for the past decade. Presently we experience the 4G technology that provides us with high speed data transfer rates. However, there is a new thing called the LTE technology. It will be interesting to explore this technology ...
Five iOS and Android Alternatives

Meet Five iOS and Android Alternatives

I bring before you 5 amazing alternatives to the two most popular operating systems for mobile devices. The mobile devices kingdom is, in terms of operating systems, totally dominated by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Microsoft has been trying to impose in this segment ...
Mobile Apps For Business Owners

Mobile Apps For Business Owners That Can Help Manage Productivity

Here are the top five applications to help business owners to be more proficient with what they do. We are in the age where we end up utilizing cell phone more to lead our business. The versatile requisitions get to be useful, as well as crucial, to accomplish work quick and well ...
Planning Applications for Android

5 Exceptional Event Planning Applications for Android

Arranging events can be difficult and exhausting to manage. As a marketing consultant, I have do planning for small to large scale events. Everything must be orchestrated in full detail, and in order to accomplish each, I have to follow a timeline. These apps have helped me in countless ways ...
Handwriting Recognition Technology

Benefits Of Handwriting Recognition Technology

Handwriting has been the primary means of organizing information and communicating. Digital age advanced handwritten documents were replaced with digital and mechanical technology. Everyone can see the benefits of these new technologies. The value of handwritten communication in our life ...

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Mobile Malware

Mobile Malware - Masque - The Latest Malware Threat To iOS Devices

Mobile malware has been around for a long time now but lately things have taken a turn for the worse as multiple threats to iOS devices have surfaced. It also appears that Android-based smartphones and tablets could also be affected because of the introduction of the new Lollipop operating system ...
security concerns building mobile app

Building an App for a Business Main Security Concerns

Mobile apps - a lucrative business, with more than million apps now accessible through the Google Play Store. This exponential growth has been triggered by the rise of branded commercial applications, which has heralded the dawn of app store optimization and created competition among developers ...
Diameter Signaling Protocol Mobile Apps Benefit

Mobile Apps Benefit from Diameter Signaling

As application services increased across the mobile internet, it became increasingly apparent that the Internet needed better traffic management to improve network performance. Services became ever more greedy for network resources. If can been direct the flow of data in a more intelligent way ...
OK Google

OK Google Now From Any Screen on Your Android Device - Not iOS

OK Google Now has been a huge success – both for the developers, as well as the Android users. How do you activate OK Google Now from any screen? If you're in an app, or browser, it's still possible to Activate OK Google from any screen for verbal commands... otherwise, there are a few other options ...