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8 Steps to Create a Better EFSS Solution for Your Company

8 Steps to Create a Better EFSS Solution for Your Company

Today’s businesses rely on file sharing between their employees and customers. Therefore, cloud based tools play an important role for business owners today. The tools allow businesses to share files with multiple people and devices at the same time. The broad range of functions and features help ...
Music Player Apps for Android

Top 5 Music Player Apps for Android

For music lovers and enthusiast such as myself, it’s never okay to stick with the music app available on your smart phone. Sometimes you just got to have more! Meaning more tweaks in the equalizer, more playlist listing, and more features! If you want access to millions of songs ...
Handwriting Recognition Technology

Benefits Of Handwriting Recognition Technology

From the beginning of time as we know it, handwriting has been the primary means of organizing information and communicating between businesses and people. As the digital age advanced handwritten documents were replaced with digital and mechanical technology. Everyone can see the benefits of these ...

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9 Ways to Extend Your Android's Battery Life

You love your Android phone or tablet, with its big, bright screen and every app imaginable. Unfortunately, those beautiful displays can put quite a drain on your battery power, especially if you have your device on for hours at a time playing games or surfing. Fortunately, there are things you can ...

How to Safely Migrate to Your new Android or iOS

When faced with the task of migrating your old Android or iOS phone to your new phone can seem like a nightmare. Also, making the switch from one operating system to another can cause many problems for the novice user. However, with today’s cloud platforms and software that can communicate wi ... ...