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Minimizing Data Loss

The 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Your SD Card

SD cards are portable and convenient. Moreover, they are best storage devices for DSLRs and other electronics as they offer sufficient space at very low prices. In spite of their many benefits, most photographers have encountered issues with the memory cards. These cards may get damaged or video ...
Hybrid Cloud Security

8 Essential Considerations for Hybrid Cloud Security

Data centers may be consolidated utilizing hybrid clouds. Hybrid cloud data storage is a combination of distinct and independent elements with a public cloud provider and a private cloud platform. The infrastructure for a hybrid cloud permits encrypted communication, while each cloud operates ...
What You Need to Know About VOIP Security

What You Need to Know About VOIP Security

VOIP security has always been an issue with corporations' network administrators. The security issues continue to pose problems and challenges for the network. The traditional landline major security issues that companies faced was the problem of wire tapping. However, companies today have switched ...

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Guard Yourself Against Keyloggers

The keylogger program runs in the background of your computer secretly monitoring and recording all your keystrokes. Your keystrokes are logged and hidden inside the hard drive for the attacker to retrieve. Some legitimate programs use keyloggers to call certain program functions using toggle keybo ...
Corporate Phishing

9 Top Tips to Prevent Corporate Phishing Attacks

It is vital for all companies to recognise the role their staff play in the security of information. Corporate employees are in possession of the right credentials (such as passwords, ID documents, usernames and security clearances) and general knowledge which is of utmost importance to anyone ...